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13 Awesome Things to do with Kids in Cancun in December

Kids having fun at wet'n wild at ventura park in December

You know a secret. You know something other parents don’t.

It’s why you’re taking your children on their first vacation (outside the US!)

This December, the whole family is coming to Cancun!

But you’re not the first parents to figure this out. Why? Because most parents chase good savings. And these parents know they will save BIG money by coming to Cancun.

Let’s face it. Traveling with kids is expensive. They have no conception of budgets. They just want they want. And since it’s a vacation, so you tend to give in.

Cancun is where parents and kids are equally happy. You can buy your kids WHATEVER they want. No, really. Why? Because, Cancun has GREAT deals on activities.

And boy oh boy, do they have a lot of activities in Cancun for kids. But before we get to that…let’ go over a few ground rules for traveling with kids.

Just Don’t Forget to…

Make a “Traveling with Kids” Checklist. It could include things like:

  • Checking expiration date on passports
  • Bringing Your Own Snacks
  • Getting a copy of all birth certificates
  • Making sure you have a tablet/headphones
  • Buying first-aid kit
  • Taking with you some extra bug spray
  • Getting some extra Suntan lotion
  • Bringing Proof of prescription (if bringing prescribed medication)

For more “Traveling with Kids” checklists, check out:

Ok. So now we’ve gotten that out of the way. Good. So why is Cancun the perfect place for a family vacation?

It’s safe. It’s affordable. And it’s SO fun. Why?

Because there are so many kid-friendly excursions in Cancun. But not only for kids…these children activities are actually great for the whole family!

Are you ready to discover what they are? Let’s dive in.

Here are 13 Things to do with Kids in Cancun in December(that are SUPER entertaining)

1. Ziplines (Click here to visit webpage)

Before you ask. Yes. It is safe for kids. Just make sure to check the weight limit. Also, speak to the person in charge. If you do that, everything will be fine! I promise!

Not only will things be fine…your child will think you’re the coolest parent ever!

2. Roller Coaster (Click here to visit webpage)

Visit the only roller-coaster in Cancun’s hotel zone. This is the type of roller-coasters the whole family can enjoy.

You get all the thrills (without it being SUPER extreme).

3. Deep-Sea Fishing

Remember how excited your child got when they caught a large-mouth bass?

Imagine that…. times 100!

We’re talking Marlins, Sailfish, Barracuda, Grouper, Mackeral, Mahi-Mahi, and so much more.  (Just Google deep-sea fishing in Cancun and you’ll find a TON of options. You really can’t go wrong with either of them)

  1. Go-Karts(Click here to visit webpage)

If you’re taking your kids to Cancun, this is a MUST. And rest assured, they’re safe. They go 25 mph around a 275-yard track.

Watch from the sidelines…or show your kids who’s still boss!

5. Wave Pool (Click here to visit webpage)

Can you believe it? They actually have pools that have waves. How crazy is that?

Technology these days huh?

Show your kids something that will drop their jaws.

6. Water Playground (Click here to visit webpage)

Ok. Close your eyes. Now imagine a really fun playground for your kids to enjoy. Now picture that same playground…except with a foot and a half of water at the bottom.

Yup. Your kids are going to have a BLAST here.

7. Jungle Tour

Ok. So maybe the name is a bit misleading. This is actually a boat tour.

But here’s the catch…YOU drive the boat. Don’t freak out though. It’s a VERY tiny boat. It handles with ease.

You can drive through the mangroves and explore wherever you want. And don’t worry. This isn’t the open seas. It’s in a safe and calm bay.

(Just Google “jungle tour in Cancun” and you’ll find plenty of options)

8. Bungees (Click here to visit webpage)

If you have older kids, they’ll thank you!

Are you concerned about their safety? Don’t be! This is a super legitimate company. They uphold themselves to the highest standards.

9. Crococun Zoo (Click here to visit webpage)

This isn’t your typical zoo. Why? Because it’s super interactive. You’ll even get a chance to hold a baby crocodile.

You can feed monkeys. And listen to talking birds!

10.  Laser Tag (Click here to visit webpage)

This is no ordinary laser-tag. This is laser-tag, Cancun style!

Think bumper-cars, meet laser-tag. First, you strap yourself in tightly. Then, try to avoid getting shot. Because if you do…you’re going to for a full flip!

11. Captain Hook Dinner Adventure (Click here to visit webpage)

Take your kids on a real pirate boat! Ok. It’s authentic, from the outside. It’s a replica of an 18th century Spanish galleon.

But on the inside? Totally modern. Even has AC.

You’ll play games, contests. Best part?

You get to see pirates put on a show. They’ll even clash swords!

12. Waterslide Park (Click here to visit this webpage)

This may be the ULTIMATE family activity in Cancun.

And, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “but I don’t like waterslides”. They’re scary.

Don’t worry. There are waterslides just for you.

Try the Lazy River. Lounge on an inner-float tube, and just slowly float.

Meanwhile…your kids are slipping, sliding and having the time of their life.

13. Oculus Rift Virtual Reality (Click here to visit webpage)

Yes. It’s official. The future has arrived.

Remember Pong? Two vertical sticks and one moving circle.

44 years later, and we have LEGIT virtual reality. You have to try it to believe it.

And this isn’t some cheap replica of virtual reality. This is the Oculus Rift. The best in the business.

Your kids will worship you for it. =)

There you have it! That was 13 Awesome Things to do with Kids in Cancun in December! Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below!

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