Ventura Park Safe Travels C-19


Venturapark obtained the SAFE TRAVELS badge issued by the World Travel and Tourism Council. Awarded by fully adopting the standardized protocols of hygiene, sanitation and physical distance, which will provide tranquility and confidence to our guests about their health and safety.

It has also developed the VENTURA SAFE platform, to ensure safe spaces during the experience of our guests and collaborators, within the “new normal”.

Ventura Park Safe space C-19

Our commitment to your safety

Ventura Park seeks to offer a safe experience for all our guests, along with the highest level of customer service so that you do not worry during your visit.


Why is the Use of Face Mask Mandatory?

Because in Quintana Roo we continue to make progress and work to reinforce preventive measures to reduce the risk of COVID infection. At Ventura Park we are under the Protocol of the WTTC (Word Travel & Tourism Council) and complying with the protocols of Quintana Roo estate Tourism sector such as the Certification in Protection and Sanitary Prevention; where the use of the face mask is emphasized.

We will tell you in which activities you will not be able to use the face mask and where you need it.
We take care of providing you with a face mask, with this we guarantee Safe Spaces for our guests to live unforgettable experiences in Ventura Park.

Help us take care of you by using the face mask in the right way!

By Decree of National and International Authorities, the use of face masks is MANDATORY.

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) updated its guidelines this Friday, June 5, to recommend that governments request that everyone use face masks in all public areas to use face masks to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19, and thus help reduce the spread of the pandemic.
  • On Monday, June 08, the Federal Government adopts the measures issued by the WHO and rectifies the MANDATORY USE OF FACE MASK.


  • Protocols of the WTTC (Word Travel & Tourism Council) request the use of face mask

It is important that the collaborators who receive Guests know this information and guide them our Guests and provide the face mask, when it does not bring it and also know in which activities THEY COULD NOT USE THE FACE MASK.


What can you expect on your visit to Ventura Park?

covid Follow staff guidelines and instructions
ICONO 7Use sanitizer during your visit
ICONO 5 Respect social distance signs

ICONO 4 Wash your hands whenever possible

ICONO 2 Mandatory non-invasive temperature monitoring

ICONO 1 Use of mouthguards recommended for non-humid areas





How is Dolphinaris responding to the COVID-19 outbreak?

Improving our protocols and complying with national and international measures. Made changes to protect you, our collaborators and copies.

As the best dolphinariums in the world, and in compliance with our international accreditations including the Humane Certify and EAMM, our safety and quality standards are a priority for everyone on the team.

Dolphinaris will establish the following hygiene measures for all collaborators and guests.

Contributors must:
You should use hand sanitizer every time you enter or leave the facility.
Wash your hands frequently with soap and water for 20 seconds, several times throughout the day.
Mandatory use of the mask.
Completely clean and sanitized work areas between guest groups.
Greetings without contact.

We ask our guests:
Follow the healthy distance 1.5 meters at all times
Use the Sanitizing Gel
The temperature will be taken. If the guest has a temperature above 38 ° C, he will not be received.
Organize guests into groups of maximum 8 guests or by families per platform.

What measures are you taking to guarantee the safety and well-being of guests, employees and dolphins at Dolphinaris?

All staff members must enter and have a health check-up on arrival. All staff members must wear masks at all times, follow frequent hand-washing protocols, according to CDC guidelines, and social distance during breaks and meetings.

What are the steps Ventura Park is taking to make the programs safe?

Our platforms provide a spacious and outdoor experience for all guests. Additional will be organized in groups of maximum 8 guests or by families per platform. All guests must go through a sanitation tape located at the swim gate. Delivery of life vest and visors explaining the correct use and the way to adjust it, this equipment is previously sanitized.


Make your dream come true and experience with your family a majestic encounter with dolphins with groups reduced to 50%, maintaining a healthy distance between guests and specialists.


We know that you will live a unique experience of connection and learning, that’s why we adapt our programs to offer all the magic of dolphinaris, putting your health and that of our dolphins first.


Lifeguards, masks and snorkels will be carefully disinfected immediately after each use, keeping away any virus or bacteria from other hosts or collaborators.

Are there any changes to the registration procedure?

1.5m (6 ft.) social distance markers are placed throughout the lobby and the check-in counter has a security barrier to mitigate person-to-person contact. If the guest has a temperature above 38 ° C, he will not be received. The bracelets will be placed, which must be in a sanitized plastic container, each guest will sign a disclaimer in printed form.

Should I wear a face mask when visiting Dolphinaris?

Although facial covers are recommended, they will not be required when visiting Dolphinaris unless required by local or state orders. Visit your site’s home page for more information before visiting Dolphinaris.

Should I be concerned about the safety of my food and drinks?

According to Health authorities, the World Health Organization and the FDA, there is currently no evidence to suggest that food can transmit COVID-19.

Guests classified as a Vulnerable group and / or guests who are within 15 days prior to boarding or travel have had contact with or cared for a person with a suspected or diagnosed case with COVID-19, or who is currently subject to health monitoring by possible exposure to COVID – 19. In addition to those mentioned above, you must have written verification from the treating physician who certifies that you do not have any serious medical condition and that you are able to carry out the activities.