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Welcome to Ventura Park, Cancun's New Oceanfront Theme Park! This isn't just any ordinary theme park though. Think of it as a Mega Theme Park, with many thrilling worlds of entertainment inside.

Each world offers unique entertainment for people of all ages. Here at Ventura Park, you can ride a wild roller-coaster, go bungee-jumping into the unknown, hop on an 800-foot zip-line, swim with friendly dolphins, slide down an insane 50-foot looping waterslide, drive a go-kart alongside the ocean, engage in virtual reality warfare and much more!

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Cancun’s New Oceanfront Theme Park!

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Venturapark - destination fun of venturapark in cancun

I've never seen anything like this park! The variety of entertainment options here are unparalleled!

There are literally too many attractions to list here. Get a fuller understanding of everything each world offers by clicking below.

Do you like adrenaline rushes? Perhaps you prefer a more easygoing approach? It doesn't matter who you are, child or adult, at Ventura Park, there's a special, unforgettable day waiting for you

All Inclusive Action

All across the world, there are Dolphinariums, Waterslide Parks, Go-Kart Racetracks, High-Tech Arcades, Bungee Jumping Stations, and Laser Tag Arenas. When have you ever heard of all of those attractions--and more, housed under one roof? That's what makes Ventura Park so rare and memorable. You can visit several times, and still try something new every day. Whether you're someone who enjoys having adrenaline-pumping thrills, or someone who appreciates more laidback entertainment, you're going to fall in love with Ventura Park, again and again.