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Swimming with Dolphins in Cancun’s Hotel Zone
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Swimming with Dolphins in Cancun’s Hotel Zone

Our Sea Buddies, the Dolphins

Everyone wants to swim with dolphins. Intelligence is attracted to intelligence. That is why people have always been fascinated by dolphins, and why dolphins have always been curious about us. Dolphins are highly clever and social creatures, with playfully innocent demeanors. It is no wonder, that so many of us, have dreamt all of our lives about swimming with dolphins. Even though everyone wants to swim with dolphins, very few people ever have that opportunity available to them. Here at Cancun’s Dolphinaris in Ventura Park, that dream can become reality!

Cancun’s Dolphinaris: The Perfect Place to Swim with Dolphins in the Hotel Zone

Dolphinaris is a highly ethical organization that cares deeply about its dolphin friends. Dolphinaris collaborates with universities in Mexico and USA to facilitate the protection of these majestic sea mammals, as well as invests in the conservation of their natural habitat. They even assist university students seeking a veterinarian’s degree get some hands on experience.

Dolphin Maneuvers

Cancun’s Dolphinaris allows you to interact with dolphins in a safe and comfortable environment, for both you and the dolphins. Dolphinaris offers different dolphin swim programs. Learn more about these programs here to compare your swim. Allow their highly educated trainers to give you and your family the following four options for safe swimming with dolphins:

Foot Push:

an amazing dolphin pushes you by your feet for a very fast and thrilling ride along the lagoon.

Belly Ride:

ride belly to belly on the dolphin by grabbing the dolphin’s pectoral fins for an impossible to forget ride through the cove.

Boogie Push:

in this maneuver, the dolphin pushes you by your feet while you hold a boogie board and soar through the water at a sensational speed.”

Kiss on Cheek: 

Imagine the Facebook likes you’ll get when you post a picture of a dolphin giving you a kiss on the cheek!

Swimming with dolphins at Cancun’s Dolphinaris is unforgettable fun for the entire family, even small children (there is a 4 foot (1.22 m) height restriction). Opportunities like this don’t come around every day. Don’t regret not taking advantage now, while you still can.  Come to Cancun Dolphinaris and make an aquatic friend for life! Book Now with our Live Chat Agents!