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5 Reasons to Choose Swimming with Dolphins in Cancun
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5 Reasons to Choose Swimming with Dolphins in Cancun

Is swimming with dolphins on your bucket list?

Perhaps you’ve toyed with the idea,  but you’re still not 100% sure?

Maybe your moral compass in a twist?

You’re not alone.

spring break swim with dolphins

In my experience, the first time I swam with dolphins I was naive to the controversy surrounding the subject.

I remember it like it was yesterday, as a child on vacation I begged my father to help make my dreams become a reality. 

He did.

It was a touching memory that will stay with me forever.

As I got older I started to question the moral implications of swimming with dolphins.


I think it’s only natural once you become more aware of the wider world, you start to ask questions.

It was only when my own daughter started to beg me for the opportunity to swim with dolphins that I decided to seriously educate myself on the matter.

Since working/living in Mexico and communicating with these marvelous creatures and the people who look after them  I have learned for myself the many reasons why it is a GOOD idea to choose swimming with dolphins in Cancun.

Top Reasons Why You Should Swim with Dolphins in Cancun

If you are going to swim with dolphins anywhere in the world, Cancun should be your first choice.


I’ve had the privilege of comparing different dolphinariums around the world.

To put it bluntly, the standard of care given to the animals and their surroundings differs greatly.

Dolphinaris Cancun is by far the most impressive and educational dolphinarium I have come across thus far in my life.

kids in cancun

Rest assured that Dolphinaris at Ventura Park goes above and beyond to ensure the animals happiness and welfare.

 1. At Cancun’s Dolphinaris (Ventura Park) You Can Learn About the Marine Life.

I don’t know about you but I think of dolphins as magical creatures.

When I was a child the only time I ever really saw them was in books or movies.

Swimming up close with them allows you to appreciate just how truly beautiful and intelligent they really are.

At Ventura Park in Cancun, Dolphinaris has their own Dolphinarium onsite actually inside of the Hotel Zone.


Here they offer a variety of different packages to suit the needs of all swimmers.

Unlike other places I’ve visited over the years they realize that one type of ‘swim’ definitely doesn’t fit all, especially when it comes to getting up, close, and personal with dolphins.

Dolphinaris offer 4 different programs:

1. The Dolphin Interactive Program = $99

Who is the program suitable for? Small children or customers who aren’t comfortable swimmers/or unable to swim. 

Duration: 1 hour.

It includes:

  • A dolphin orientation session.
  • An introduction to dolphin behaviors & physiology.
  • Dolphin kiss & fin shake.
  • Personal time with dolphins.

Restrictions: children have to be at least 3 years old.

swimming with dolphins

2. Dolphin Swim & Ride Program = $119

Who is the program suitable for? A mild program great for both adults and children.

Duration: 1 hour.

It includes:

  • Introduction to dolphin behaviors & physiology.
  • Dolphin orientation session.
  • Dolphin kiss & fin shake.
  • Belly ride.
  • Mask for underwater viewing.
  • Personal time with a dolphin.

Restrictions: minimun height 1.22mts / 4 ft. 

Cancun ventura park spring break

3. Dolphin Swim Program = $149

Who is the program suitable for? A mild program great for both adults and teenagers. 

Duration: 1 hour.

It includes:

  •  Introduction to dolphin behaviors & physiology
  • Dolphin orientation session
  • Dolphin kiss & fin shake
  • Foot push or Dorsal Ride
  • Personal time with a dolphin.


Restrictions: minimum height 1.22mts / 4 ft. 

4. Trainer for a Day = $209

Who is the program suitable for? The most advanced and educational dolphin program suitable for children above the age of 12 and adults. 

Duration: 7 hours

It includes:

  • Dolphin orientation session.
  • Introduction to dolphin behaviors & physiology.
  • Dolphin kiss & fin shake.
  • Foot push or dorsal ride.
  • A 20-minute dolphin dive experience.
  • Behavioral Training session.
  • Personal time with dolphins.
  • Training basics.
  • Behind the scenes tour.
  • Program certificate & T-shirt.
  • 2 complementary program photos.
  • Complimentary food & beverages.

Spring BReak

Restrictions: Minimum height 1.22mts / 4 ft and 12 years old.

The trainer for the day program offers a behind-the-scenes look into the life of a dolphin at a dolphinarium.

You’ll learn all the basics of dolphin training, how the animals are fed, and what they eat.

As you will see the food is all in keeping with their dietary requirements.

That not all, you will get to swim and dive with the dolphins, pet, hug, and kiss them, shake their fins, and do the famous “foot-push” or “Dorsal Ride”.

“The Dolphin Dive Experience” was designed with first-time divers in mind, so don’t worry if you don’t have any previous experience.

You’ll be able to admire and marvel at the dolphin’s incredible agility underwater.

Rest assured that all of the trainers at Dolphinaris are experts in their field.  They will teach you everything there is to know about these wonderful creatures.

 2. You Are Helping to Conserve, Protect, and Develop a Unique Bond

It has been documented and scientifically proven over decades of research that dolphins actually look for and crave interaction with a human being.

Upon meeting them you will realize just how intrigued and delighted the dolphins are by your presence.

swimming with dolphins

In order for us to properly protect these incredible animals, we must first understand their behaviors and physiology.

The trainers that look after the dolphins here at Dolphinaris all believe they have a unique bond with the animals.

Dolphins are extremely social creatures and love to be part of a group.

3. You Are Helping to Develop Their Social Sense

Dolphins are some of the most social animals to ever to grace planet earth.

Unlike many other animals, they do certain things just for the pure fun of it.

They even surf!

Happy Dolphins – Surfing the waves – Byron Bay

They are playful, social, and loyal.

It’s been proven that dolphins bond with one another, communicate constantly, and even name one another

swim with dolphins

Being able to learn about their existence in their presence is a truly incredible experience.

While spending time with the dolphins you will witness how they play together, how they recognize each other, and their trainer.

3. You’re Guaranteed Warm Weather in Cancun All Year Around.

Who likes swimming in being in the water when its cold?

No one.

In the Mexican Caribbean, you’re guaranteed warm, balmy weather, all year around.

Weather in Mexico

So, regardless of when you travel to Cancun, you can expect can expect warm climates and a very pleasant experience.

Below I have listed the low and high temperatures in Fahrenheit for Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

  • January – 61/82
  • February – 62/86
  • March – 64/88
  • April – 66/89
  • May – 71/93
  • June – 73/90
  • July – 72/90
  • August – 72/90
  • September – 70/89
  • October – 68/88
  • November – 64/84
  • December – 64/84

4. It’s Affordable and a Great Experience for All Ages.

When you’re on vacation it’s often difficult to find activities that suit and meet the needs of your entire group.

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling with friends, family, siblings, with your partner, or even by yourself, swimming with dolphins in Cancun is a great opportunity for everyone to get involved.

swim with dolphins

Most people think that this bucket list experience is only affordable for the world’s wealthy.


The affordable prices and different packages at Dolphinaris mean that enjoy an experience with dolphins.

TOP TIP: to save even more money, speak to an agent on the live chat feature of their website.

They will advise you on how to book in order to save the most money, or if there are any deals on during the time of your visit.

Typically if you book 5 days in advance using their website, you can steal some major savings on your dolphin experience.

5. You Can Enjoy Ventura Park before or after Your Dolphin Experience. 

Who says the fun has to stop at swimming with dolphins?

Dolphinaris is located on the same grounds as Ventura Park.

Ventura Park is a one of a kind amusement park made up of 5 completely different attractions + Dolphinaris.

  1. Wet’n Wild Water Park –  the only waterpark in the region boasting epic slides, wave pool, lazy river and much more. The perfect place to cool off and make a splash in Cancun. You could easily spend all day having fun in the water.

Lazy river

2. Aaah! Ventura – The ultimate zip-line and aerial adventure! Take a bird’s eye view of Cancun as you fly like a bird through the air, swing like Tarzan, and traverse hanging bridges. Adrenaline junkies will be in their element.

cancun on a budget

3. Fun World – if you have younger children and want them to have their fair share of action, Fun World is the place to be! It’s designed with younger children in mind and features a merry-go-round, crazy chairs, and kids playground.

fun world

4. Underworld – Do you and your kids love gaming? Look no further. Underworld is a high tech arcade with the latest in virtual reality technology as well as laser-tag inspired bumper cars (so much fun)! Get ready to be transported to the future where the gaming opportunities are endless.

underworld ventura park

5. Grand Prix – find your competitive streak as you race your compadres along a seaside go-karting track! Enjoy views of the park and an unforgettable driving experience.

grand prix

Opening Hours at Ventura Park 

  • The park is open daily from 10 am  – 5.30 pm.

TOP TIP: Plan your day accordingly. Maximize your time on vacation by planning your day properly. Some of the attractions at Ventura Park won’t allow you entry unless you are completely dry. My advice would be to save the water activities until last, as they are the perfect way to cool down after a hot and sweating day of adventure and creating memories.

Ticket Options at Ventura Park:

  1. The Ventura Park Pass – the basic ticket option grants you access to just 3 of the 5 worlds at Ventura Park (Wet ‘n Wild, Aaah!Ventura, and Fun World).
  2. Ventura Park Unlimited – the ultimate ticket option granting access to all 5 worlds at Ventura Park.

ventura park

Pricing and how to save money before you purchase:

*Prices are shown in USD

Regular pricing for ‘Ventura Park Pass‘:

  • Adult $45.45  – 30% (when you book online) = $31.85
  • Child $40.10 – 30% (when you book online) = $28.07

Regular pricing for ‘Ventura Park Unlimited‘:

Ventura Park often posts insane value for money deals on their discount page, so be sure to check it out before your visit to Cancun. 

Make a day of it!

You can easily spend one of the most memorable days of your Cancun vacation at Ventura Park and Dolphinaris.

Trust me, you won’t find better prices than this in the Cancun and Riviera Maya region. 

Even if you decided to do both activities on different days the location of the park within the Hotel Zone is highly convenient. 

Getting to Ventura Park and Dolphinaris Is Easy…

When you visit their website you can get free transport when you book from http://www.catchyourride.com.mx/.

  1. If you are traveling from areas outside of Cancun transport can be arranged.  Costs do vary depending on your hotel’s location, but an advisor on the live chat feature of their website will be able to give you a quote immediately.

2. Take the free bus and go to the meeting point for a specific time This only applies to visitors who are staying in Cancun’s Hotel Zone and book ONLINE, so make the most of it. The buses are always on time, comfortable, and air-conditioned.   You can  consult the link to check pick up times and meeting points: http://www.catchyourride.com.mx/

Free bus

3. Get your hotel to arrange a taxi (decide the price before you get in to avoid any surprises).

Are You Ready to Swim with Dolphins at Dolphinaris Cancun?

If you have any further questions be sure to let me know in the comments section below I would be happy to answer them for you.

If you don’t need any more convincing, what are you waiting for?

Book the adventure of a lifetime today.