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This is How Our Slime Party Went Down at VenturaPark!
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This is How Our Slime Party Went Down at VenturaPark!

Can you imagine a day full of fun, laughter, and lots of slime? Well, that´s exactly what happened at the Slime Party at VenturaPark! It was an incredible event where the children and adults enjoyed a unique and surprising experience.

Keep reading and be the next one to experience our next sticky Slime Party!

A Sea of Stickiness at VenturaPark's Slime Party

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On June 15th and 16th, VenturaPark opened its doors to the stickiest and most fun event of the year, the Slime Party!

Participants enjoyed liters of slime, feeling the pink goo run down their bodies while having a blast in VenturaPark’s unique worlds. Regardless of age, everyone jumped into the fun with this gooey material as laughter and screams of joy filled the park.

Did you already Know about Slime?

Slime has been a super popular liquid in recent years, giving us unforgettable moments. The best part is that it comes in a variety of colors and textures.

In this case, the predominant color at our Slime Party was pink. But don’t worry, this sticky liquid is not harmful to children at all, as it is made with non-toxic ingredients, making playing with it safe for everyone.

The Fun Never Ends!

This weekend, many families took the opportunity to celebrate Father’s Day with the incredible themed worlds of VenturaPark.


One of them is the Wet n’ Wild World, where many dads enjoyed exciting moments with their families, sliding down our vertiginous slides and relaxing pools.


With our water attractions, such as the vertiginous falls on the fearsome Kamikaze and the impressive twister, they put their stability to the test.


They took exciting turns feeling the waves and refreshing water blasts.

The go-kart races in Cancun couldn’t be missed in the Grand Pix World, where speed has no limits!

Our visitors toured the huge go-kart track in front of the sea and experienced moments full of adrenaline.

An Unforgettable Day with the Best Family Activities in Cancun

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The Slime Party at VenturaPark was a success, especially for the children. They had a great time and took full advantage of the entire duration of the party to play with the slime and spend time with their families.


Participants enjoyed a delicious buffet to keep the fun going at our incredible Slime Party.


Without a doubt, our visitors went home with a smile and memories that will be etched in their minds forever.

How Much Does Admission to VenturaPark Cost?

Would you like to visit VenturaPark? Here are the prices for VenturaPark tickets so you can have the whole experience at the next Slime Party. In addition, we are still celebrating Father’s Day. Dad Gets Free Admission to VenturaPark!

Tickets to VenturaPark

How much does the ticket to VenturaPark cost?

What does the ticket to VenturaPark include?

Plantinum pass

Adults: $75 USD
Kids: $65 USD

Father’s day promotion:

2 Adults: $150 USD

-All Fun Pass included 

-Grand Prix (Go karts)

-Unlimited Soft  Ice cream 

– National open Bar 

-Unlimited Buffet

Fun Pass

Adults: $59 USD
Kids: $49 USD


Father’s day promotion:
2 Adults: $110 USD 

– Wet’n Wild World

-Mundo Aaah! Ventura

-Fun World

-1 entrance to the buffet

Vip Pass

Adults: $209 USD
Kids: $164 USD 

-All Platinum pass included

-Swim with dolphins

-Underworld (Virtual Reality) 

-Grand Prix (Go karts)

-National Open  Bar 

-Unlimited Buffet 


Take advantage of the last days of our incredible promotion, and don’t miss the next VenturaPark events! Follow us on our social networks to stay up to date with the latest news and surprises our fantastic family and amusement park have for you.