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Save money with Ventura Park! New Year, new discounts.
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Save money with Ventura Park! New Year, new discounts.

Vacations are over, and so is 2018… Buckle up and get ready for this ride! Celebrate this 2019 with us, and learn how to save money with Ventura Park.

We know that going back to work, back to school and back to reality can be a hassle… Especially after all the food you ate in Winter break, and the unnecessary amounts of money spent on gifts the last thing you want to hear is that you must pay for something else, right?

But where did all the fun go, you might be wondering? It almost seems like now if you don’t spend a lot of money you can’t have fun… Well, that’s where you’re wrong.

We introduce you to Ventura Park:


Ventura Park

Ventura Park

The one and only aquatic/amusement park in Cancun! An inexpensive way to spend a fun-packed day with your loved ones… But what discounts do we have you may be asking? We’ll get to it shortly.

Save Money with Ventura Park!

Let’s start with the simplest way to get a SUPER discounted admission tickets: acquiring them online! When booking online not only do you skip the looong lines, but you also get a discount of up to 50%…



Ccrazy Chairs, FunWorld

Ccrazy Chairs, FunWorld


The Dolphin pass has the best of both worlds… or should I say the best of 4 worlds?! Ventura Fun + Fintastic experience includes Fun World, AahVentura, Wet n’Wild AND a swim with Dolphins! Also when booking the Fintastic Experience you get unlimited non-alcoholic beverages and food… How cool is that?!?

Overall, the pricing of our tickets if pocket-friendly, and you’ll never waste your money when buying amusement park tickets if you visit us!

The Best of 4 Worlds…?

If you paid attention to what the Fintastic Experience + Ventura Fun description said, you probably thought we made a mistake when writing “the best of 4 worlds”. What you don’t know is that we actually have 6 different worlds! 

How well does that sound? Well, it gets better.

Let us introduce you briefly to each of these awesome worlds so that you can start getting excited before visiting! As we mentioned before, this is an amusement park combined with an aquatic park, so some worlds include water features while others do not.


Wet'n Wild

Wet’n Wild

Water feature Worlds

Starting with the 2 aquatic worlds, we have Dolphinaris and Wet n’Wild! Put on your bathing suit, and jump into the refreshing water attractions that await for you in Ventura Park.

Wet n’Wild has various rides varying in intensity, age range and style. You can expect slides, pools and a lot of fun. Dolphinaris is our Dolphin swim experience! Get to know Dolphins while having a lot of fun in this awesome world full of laughs and heartwarming moments.


Meet our 4 crazy fun atmospheres: Funworld, GrandPrix, AahVentura, and Underworld…

Funworld is sure to give you nostalgia, as it has the traditional amusement park rides such as a rollercoaster (the only one in Cancun), a carousel and the classic flying chairs! Right next to Funworld, GrandPrix awaits you with the coolest go-kart circuit where you can race against your family and prove you’re the best driver!


Grand Prix

Grand Prix

AahVentura is your adventure movie fantasy come true! Feel like Indiana Jones as you walk our aerial bridge circuit, or test your boldness on our bungee jump and many other activities…




And last but not least comes Underworld: your sci-fi, futuristic room turned reality… VR, Laser Tanks and much more! So, what are you waiting for? Stop fiddling and save money with Ventura Park.