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5 Amazing Things to do in Cancun with Kids [of ALL ages!]
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5 Amazing Things to do in Cancun with Kids [of ALL ages!]

Going on vacation can is tricky. Going on vacation with kids? Now that is a delicate process. You’ll want everything planned ahead of time. Why? The last thing you want to do, is to start a family debate.

No matter the decision, someone will end up pouting. And then what? That person is going to drag their feet throughout. Sound familiar? Then this vacation, plan ahead of time. Find something everyone can enjoy. You may be thinking ‘sounds great, but I have young kids AND teens.’

How in the world will I find something ALL my kids will enjoy?

That’s where Cancun comes to the rescue. Cancun is home to many crazy fun adventures. Many of them unique to Cancun. You just don’t find these Cancun activities back home.

The best part?

They won’t break the bank either. And let’s face it. When you’re traveling with kids, there’s a lot to consider. Not only is there more tickets to buy. They’re going to get hungry. And thirsty. How much is that going to cost?

Not to worry!

What if I told you, there’s a place everyone will have a blast? Yes, everyone.

Let me share a story with you.

Meet the Millers.

Dad is general manager at the local grocery store. Mom is an accountant at the same shop. Together, they have 3 kids. Brad just turned 16. He’s worried the vacation will be a snooze. ‘I know we’re just going to end up at some Chuck-E Cheese like place for kids’ he laments.

Melissa is 11 and a half (hey, it makes a difference!). Melissa doesn’t want to do anything scary. ‘Please don’t let Brad pick where we go!’ she exclaims. And Matt? He just hopes his parents let him participate. ‘Last time they said I couldn’t go on the roller coaster even though I was tall enough!’

Mom and Dad? They have all of that to consider, plus themselves. Because hey…they need to enjoy themselves too!

They just want to relax. Unwind. Dare I say…get pampered?

So What’s the Perfect Solution?

We have the magic cure to your family vacation woes.

Here are 5 Amazing Things to do in Cancun with Kids [of ALL ages!].

You see…

Ventura Park has many worlds of entertainment inside for everyone. Located right in the hotel zone, it’s the perfect attraction for families. Let’s take a further look inside each world.

  1. It’s bucket-list time at Dolphinaris:

Now here’s something for the whole family! Who doesn’t love dolphins? ‘Wow…How often do you see Matt, Melissa, AND Brad equally excited?’ Mom whispers to Dad.

‘Swimming with dolphins in Cancun…What a way to start the day huh?’ Dad acknowledges.

And with Ventura Park…that’s just the beginning.

5 amazing things to do in cancun with kids of all ages swimming with dolphins

5 amazing things to do in cancun with kids of all ages swimming with dolphins

  1. Wet’n Wild Water Park Adventure Park:

‘Where to next?’ a smiling Matt asks Mom. ‘Well, we’re all still wet, so let’s head over to Wet’n Wild’ Dad jumps in. ‘Yeah!’ Brad agrees.

‘But what are we going to do?’ Mom asks about her and Melissa. ‘Yeah, those slides look scary!’ Melissa confirms.

‘Oh no’ Dad thinks to himself. This is where the debate begins. But then he remembers. ‘Isn’t there a Lazy River Inner-tube float?’ he asks. ‘Oh yeah! I forgot about that! Let’s do that Melissa!’ Mom says, preventing disaster before it happens.

And so everyone gets what they want. Dad, Brad and Matt go on fast slides like the Kamikaze. Mom and Melissa? They take it easy and float peacefully in the Lazy River.

That’s Ventura Park in a nutshell. Something for everyone.

5 amazing things to do in cancun with kids of all ages in Wet'n Wild

5 amazing things to do in cancun with kids of all ages in Wet’n Wild

  1. Ziplines and Bungee Swings

Now that everyone has had some family bonding time, Brad wants what he came for. He wants an adrenaline rush. ‘You’ve earned it Son’ Dad agrees.

‘Why don’t we do this’ Dad begins suggesting to Mom. ‘Why don’t you, Matt, and Melissa head over to Fun World, while Brad and I go to AaahVentura?’

‘Sounds good to me’ Mom agrees.

Before Brad knows it, it’s his turn to jump over the ledge for the Bungee Swing. ‘OMG I Can’t believe I am doing this…just wait till my buddies back home hear about this…they’re going to be so jealous!’

things to do in Ventura Park

  1. Meanwhile…at Fun World

‘A Roller-coaster, crazy chair swing, merry-go round…now this is more like it’ Mom expresses. Immediately Matt wants to go on the roller-coaster. Melissa is hesitant, but says she’ll do it once she learns Mom’s going too. ‘But then you have to go on the merry-go round with me!’ Melissa tells Matt.

Once they’re all done at Fun World, Mom realizes they still have some time. Dad and Brad won’t be back for another 30 minutes. Then Matt sees it. ‘Cool! Go-karts!!!’

‘There really are so many amazing things to do in Cancun with kids in Ventura Park’ Mom thinks to herself.

things to do in cancun

  1. The Perfect Ending to an Amazing Family Day Vacation

‘Wow, I’m beat!’ Dad says to Mom. ‘Me too! I need a break!’ Mom agrees. Then Matt comes up with a brilliant idea. ‘We’re dry now, so why don’t I take Melissa and Matt to Underworld…I saw they have an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset there!’ ‘And then we, can go to El Beacho Club and unwind’ Dad fills in the rest.

Can you picture a more perfect ending to a splendid day?

The kids get their hands on the latest cutting edge technology in arcade games, and the parents get to live the good life. The beach club life. They get to lay on a plush bed by the sea while waiters bring them ice-cold margaritas and mouth-watering seafood ceviche.

Virtual reality in Ventura Park

Ventura Park really is the perfect place if you’re looking for things to do in Cancun with kids.

Good News! There’s no reason you and your family can’t have the same success the Millers did.

The secret to this ideal family vacation? Booking early and get a discount. Don’t forget to go all-inclusive at Ventura Park. Get every meal and drink FOR FREE.  Pretty sweet huh?

There you have it folks. That was 5 Amazing Things to do in Cancun with Kids [of ALL ages!]. Want to add something to the list? Sound off below!