Launch yourself from the Ziplines in the Cancun Hotel Zone!

Aaah!Ventura World at VenturaPark Cancun

Are you ready to unleash the Tarzan within you? Discover all the extreme activities in Cancun that Aaah!Ventura World has for you. VenturaPark is one of the best amusement parks in Cancun because it offers many family activities in Cancun designed for all ages and tastes, among which you will find exciting extreme attractions with challenges that will make your heart beat faster than ever.


Elevate your adrenaline to the maximum with the ziplines in Cancun, experience free fall with a bungee jump in Cancun, or conquer the heights by crossing challenging hanging bridges up to 20 meters high in this incredible amusement park in Cancun.

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Extreme Activities:

Discover VenturaPark’s Extreme Attractions!

          • River Zip Line: Enjoy an exciting 240-meter ride over our famous Lazy River with two incredible ziplines.

          • Escape Challenge – Skywalk North/South: Dare to cross our daunting hanging bridges, defying gravity and your fears. A unique experience in our Cancun amusement park in Cancun!

          • Step Up: howcase your skills by climbing gravity-defying logs with safety harness protection at all times.

          • Bungee Swing: Experience half free fall, half pendulum at 14 meters high with a bungee jump in Cancun.

Important Information for Visiting the Aaah!Ventura World:

      • Children under 7 years old must always be supervised and/or accompanied by an adult.

      • No barefoot entry allowed.

      • Footwear, shirt, and shorts (no swimwear) are required.

      • The minimum height required for the Skywalk and Step Up attractions is 1.50 meters or 5 feet.

      • The minimum height required for the River Zipline and Bungee Swing attractions is 1.07 meters or 3.5 feet.

      • All activities are subject to availability, and instructions and safety measures must be followed at all attractions.

      • All activities at Aaah! Ventura uses the most advanced systems in construction, operation, and professional equipment, complying with guidelines established by the ACCT (Association for Challenge Course Technology).

At Aaah!Ventura, you’ll experience pure adrenaline with the extreme attractions that only VenturaPark, the family amusement park in Cancun, has for you.

Live the Aaah!Ventura at the Fascinating Amusement Park in Cancun!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The availability of activities is subject to availability and weather conditions. In case of bad weather, and for your safety, some activities may not take place.

Learn about all our VenturaPark tickets that allow you to enjoy the world of Aaah!Ventura:

The VIP VenturaPark Pass includes access to attractions in all worlds (Fun World, Wet’n Wild, Aaah!Ventura, Grand Prix, and Underworld) and a Dolphin Swim experience in Cancun.

The minimum heights required are 1.50 meters or 5 feet for the Skywalk and Step Up, and 1.07 meters or 3.5 feet for the River Zipline and Bungee Swing. Children under 7 years old must always be supervised by an adult.