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Underworld World at VenturaPark Cancun

Discover new dimensions in the Underworld World of VenturaPark, the amusement park in Cancun that takes you to explore a world where fantasy and reality merge into unforgettable experiences and epic adventures. Get ready for an ultra-secret spy mission in a laser maze, to show off your skills in remote-controlled cart races, or to be transported to the future with cutting-edge technology in arcade games themed around Star Wars.

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Attractions and Arcade Games:

Enjoy the Attractions and Arcade Games in the Underworld!

          • The Mission: Experience the James Bond style as you become a secret agent in The Mission. Use your skills to navigate an exciting laser maze and become the ultimate secret spy!

          • Remote-controlled cart races: Challenge your skills in our Radio Control All-Terrain Vehicle races, 1:16 scale, 4WD high-speed. Ideal for up to 4 participants on a concrete track. Are you ready for the challenge?

          • Star Wars Battle Pod: A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away… Choose from our arcade game with a dome-shaped surround screen or a more traditional control area. Enjoy five stages that recreate the most iconic battles of the original trilogy and experience Star Wars first-hand with Star Wars Battle Pod!

Important Information for Visiting the Underworld:

    • Children under 7 years of age must always be supervised and/or accompanied by an adult.

    • All activities are subject to availability, and safety instructions and measures must be followed at all attractions.

    • Sandals or other open-toe shoes are not allowed. Closed-toe footwear is recommended, and shirts and shorts are required (no swimsuits).

    • The minimum height to enter The Mission is 1.07 meters.

    • You must be 100% dry to enter the game room.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, to enter the Underworld World you must wear shorts and a shirt (no swimsuits), closed-toe shoes (sandals or other open-toe shoes are not allowed), and you must be 100% dry to enter the game room.

Learn about all our VenturaPark tickets that allow you to enjoy the world of Underworld:


  • The Ventura Park VIP Pass includes access to attractions in all worlds (Fun World, Wet’n Wild, Aaah!Ventura, Grand Prix, and Underworld) and a Dolphin Swim experience in Cancun.

Yes, children under 7 years old must always be supervised by an adult. And the minimum height to enter The Mission is 1.07 meters