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Find the Best Extreme Activities in Cancun’s Hotel Zone
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Find the Best Extreme Activities in Cancun’s Hotel Zone

Cancun is where you go when you want to get wild. And why not?

When you come to Cancun, there are so many extreme activities to choose from. The best part?

Many of these adrenaline-inducing activities are unique to Cancun.


If you’re looking to find the best extreme activities in Cancun’s Hotel Zone, read this article.

We’re going to show you…

  1. How to get there (Google map directions)
  2. What you can do once you’re there (find the best extreme activities)
  3. And how to find the lowest prices (by shopping online)

First off…

How to get there

If you want to get there on your own, here are some Google Map Directions below.

Or maybe, you’re staying in Cancun’s Hotel Zone, and you buy your ticket online.

Now that you’re here…

Let’s look at the best extreme activities in Cancun’s Hotel Zone.

Some people like things peaceful. But that’s how you roll.

What you need is a big dose of adrenaline to get your heart-pumping. You want an extreme activity that’s going make you feel ALIVE.

You know? Extreme activities that feature…

  • Scary Heights
  • Startling Speed
  • Surprising Uncertainty

Take a closer look at the extreme activities available at Ventura Park.

Zip Line Madness

Ever look up at the sky and envy a bird’s vantage point? I mean, there’s no better view, than an aerial view from up high.

If only there was a way, that wingless creatures like humans could enjoy such a view…

Well good news!

If you go to Ventura Park, you can experience Zip Line Madness.

You’ll get a bird’s eye view while you fly over everyone in the park on our crazy multi-circuit zipline course!



Find the Best Extreme Activities in Cancun -Caribbean Zip line

Find the Best Extreme Activities in Cancun – Caribbean Zip line


1.       Caribbean Zip

This wild 4 circuit zip line lets you fly above the whole park at the staggering height of 80 feet!

2.       River Zip Line

Follow our Lazy River on this 650 feet, 2 zipline circuit.



ind the Best Extreme Activities in Cancun - Caribbean Zip line

Find the Best Extreme Activities in Cancun – Caribbean Zip line


3.       Tarzania: The Human Roller-Coaster

Try this innovative & entertaining zipline that behaves more like a roller-coaster!

Escape Challenge

You know those movies, where someone is trying to escape from the middle of a jungle on a rickety, old wooden bridge?

Ever wonder how you’d fare?

Try our daring escape challenge that lets you do exactly that.

4.       Skywalk North/South

Traverse over high-in-the-air wobbly wooden bridges called Skywalk. Here’s a tip: DON’T look down =)

Free Fall Station



best extreme activities in cancun

Do you have acrophobia? You know, a fear of heights?

Well there’s no better way to conquer your fears, than by facing them, head on!

Overcome acrophobia by trying our…

5.       Bungee Swing

Bucket list time! Do you dare to jump off?

6.       Parachute Jump

Yup. Your bucket list is about to get even shorter.

Simulate a real parachute jump with this fun extreme activity.

7.       Step Up

Test your mettle by jumping from pole to pole. Just be careful. Each pole is higher than the last!

8.       Heli Jump

You’ve jumped off with the Bungee Swing, Parachute Jump & Step Up.

But do you have the guts to just “walk off the cliff”?

Sound’s even easier right? Wrong!

See if you can override your internal security system and simply walk off. Trust me. It’s not as easy as it sounds!

How to purchase

It’s simple. You just have to click here.

TIP: Play around with the dates to find discounts.


  1. If you’re looking for extreme activities in Cancun’s Hotel Zone go here.
  2. At Ventura Park, you can try ziplines, skywalk bridges, bungees (and more!)
  3. To purchase tickets at a discount go here, and buy in advance.