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My Review of Ventura Park in Cancun [While on Spring Break]
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My Review of Ventura Park in Cancun [While on Spring Break]

A highly anticipated time of the year is almost upon us…SPRING BREAK (2018)!

Can I get a ‘hell yeah’?

Spring break is a right of passage for every American.

But,  you only live once, so it’s important that you do it right (no regrets).

By now you know:

  • Mexico (specifically Cancun)  is THEE place to be during Spring Break.
  • You’re guaranteed the glorious weather, unrivaled beaches, and to meet new people from all over the world.
  • The legal drinking age is 18 (if you didn’t know that, you do now).


Need I say more?

There’s no better place to let loose and have fun with your friends.

Cancun for Spring Break

Cheap flights direct to Cancun airport make ticking ‘Spring Break in Mexico’ off your bucket list more doable than ever!

So get ready, and dive in.

Last year, I decided to seize this right of passage with both hands and visit Cancun with my friends over Spring Break.

I wasn’t prepared to miss out.

I didn’t want to look back at my life in 40 years and be like ‘damn, I wish I had done that’.

Safe to say, it was one of my best decisions,  and I can’t wait to return again this year to create even more memories.

Spring Break

On my first visit, I was worried about the whole thing costing me big! I’m a student and not exactly made of money, but I  made it happen.

Cancun surprised me because behind it’s glitzy exterior it’s possible to have an amazing time on a budget.
One of the highlights of my trip was visiting Ventura Park.

Here’s why…

My Review of Ventura Park in Cancun While on Spring Break

Aside from the riotous partying, I and my friends wanted to fill one of our days with some sort of activity we could enjoy as a group.

We did a little research online before we left for Cancun…

Simply stated, everything in the region looked super pricey!

At least $100 or more.

Just before we gave up hope and decided to wing it when we arrived, we came across Ventura Park

review of Ventura Park

… and boy, are we glad we did.

What is Ventura Park?

Ventura Park is a one of a kind amusement park made up of 6 completely different attractions they call ‘worlds’.

These world’s include:

  1. Wet’n Wild Water Park – As the name suggests it doesn’t get more wet and wild than this! This huge water park boasts thrilling waterslides, a wave pool, lazy river and much much more.

Wet n wild


2. Aaah! Ventura – The ultimate zip-line and aerial adventure, allowing you to fly like a bird through the air, swing like Tarzan, and traverse hanging bridges.

3. Fun World – this was the only park we didn’t visit  (simply because it wasn’t made for people like us) it’s designed with younger children in mind (great if you have kids) and features a merry-go-round, crazy chairs, and kids playground.

4. Underworld – a high tech arcade with the latest in virtual reality technology as well as laser-tag inspired bumper cars (so much fun)!

5. Grand Prix – a seaside go-karting track!

6. Dolphinaris (additional cost) – the chance to swim alongside dolphins, interact with them, and to learn about the parks important research efforts.

spring break swim with dolphins

It’s clear to see that the creators of the attraction goals were to combine all the best kinds of fun in one place.

As if that’s not enough, the unique concept also boasts unlimited meals and beverages included in the price.

Opening hours:

The park is open daily from 10 am  – 5.30 pm.

Where is Ventura Park?

The location for me and my friends could not have been any better!

We were only in Cancun for 5 days,  so time was precious! We didn’t want to waste 2-3 hours of our day traveling in a stuffy transport van to get to our destination.

Ventura Park is the only notable attraction actually located in the hotel zone of Cancun. 

Which meant that we never truly left the heart of all the action.

We didn’t feel like we were missing out on anything, we just continued the party while partaking in exciting activities.

There are 3 ways to make your way to Ventura Park:

  1. When booking you can pay a little extra per person to arrange roundtrip transportation. The cost depends on your hotel’s location but an advisor on their website can give you a quote immediately.

2. Take the free bus and go to the meeting point for a specific time (this is what did).  This only applies to visitors who are staying in Cancun’s Hotel Zone and book ONLINE. The bus was on time, comfortable, and air-conditioned. We arrived in just under 20 minutes.  You can  consult the link to check pick up times and meeting points: https://www.catchyourride.com.mx/

Free bus

3. Get your hotel to arrange a taxi (decide the price before you get in to avoid any surprises).

Buying Tickets for Ventura Park

The good news?

Ventura Park is already incredibly cheap as it is, but when you book online and in advance you can save TONS of extra cash.

Ticket types are divided up into two categories.

  1. The Ventura Park Pass – this basic ticket grants you access to just 3 of the 6 worlds at Ventura Park (Wet ‘n Wild, Aaah!Ventura, and Fun World).
  2. Ventura Park Unlimited (the ticket we purchased) – gives you access to absolutely everything at Ventura Park Pass except Dolphinaris.

ventura park

Pricing and how to save money before you purchase:

*Prices are shown in USD

Regular pricing for ‘Ventura Park Pass‘:

  • Adult $45.45  – 30% (when you book online) = $31.85
  • Child $40.10 – 30% (when you book online) = $28.07

Regular pricing for ‘Ventura Park Unlimited‘:

  • Adult $64.17 – 30% (when you book online) = $44.97
  • Child $45.45 – 30% (when you book online) = $31.85

Ventura Park is regularly known to offer up some incredible deals so be sure to check out their discount page before you book.

Food & Drink at Ventura Park

The ticket price is just part of the story…

For as little as $44 not only do you get to enjoy all the attractions, all-inclusive food and drink is also included in the price.

Meaning that you can eat and drink as much as you like while at the park!

It’s crazy value for money!

food and drink at ventura park

However, if you plan on visiting over Spring Break I think it goes without saying that an open bar is a must!

After all, it’s party time.

For just $9 extra you can add the option of open-bar to your ticket.

So, as long as you are 18 stop by the swim-up bar and drink as many cocktails or Coronas as you want.

The Sunrise Buffet is where you will find the food that is included in the ticket.

This eatery is open from 11.00 am to 13.00 pm, and 14.30 to 17.00 pm, so be sure to plan your day accordingly.

You’ll find foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, rice, burritos, enchiladas, chicken dishes and other goodies.

Wet n’ Wild Waterpark at Ventura Park

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good water activity on vacation?

Especially, when it’s super hot and you need to cool off.

Wet n’ Wild Waterpark is the ONLY attraction in the hotel zone offering amazing water activities.

The slides here are nothing short of brilliant. Expect thrilling drops, exciting twists, and lots of fun!

Whether you want thrills or time unwind there is something for everyone.

Wet n wild spring break


The thrilling slides include: 

Twister: a speedy slide that twists and turns  2-people on an inner tube all the way down.

Kamikaze: a thrilling slide with an immensely steep drop.

Bubba Tub: A fun 4 person slide ride inside a giant inner tube featuring surprising dips and turns.

Double Space Bowl:  50 ft drop slide at 30 mph.

More relaxing options include: 

Lazy River: Laze in the sun, sit back and relax as you float your way down a tranquil river.

Wave Pool: Perfect for those who love to be in the ocean. Enjoy the lull of the waves as you soak up the glorious Mexican sunshine.

Kids’ Park: Great for toddlers or smaller children.

Wet Bubble: a giant inflatable bubble that you can climb.

Things to bring for the waterpark:

  • Swimsuit
  • Sandals
  • Towel
  • Sunscreen / Bug Spray
  • Extra money for souvenirs, locker rental, single inner tubes, and towels.

Grand Prix (Go-Karting at Ventura Park)

* You have to be completely dry before going on the Go-Karts, so be sure to take this into consideration when planning your day. 

Prepare for lots of laughs, as you go-kart your way around an oceanfront track with your friends.

grand prix

I was surprised by the speed and power of the karts.

They reach up to 25 miles per hour and you can tell that the tracks have been designed for the perfect blend of challenge and speed.

Great fun if you and your friends are a little bit competitive at heart.

May the best driver win. 😉


Underworld (Futuristic Arcade at Ventura Park)

* You have to be completely dry before going on the Go-Karts, so be sure to take this into consideration when planning your day. 

Unleash your inner child and take a welcome break from the sun at Underworld.

This state state-of-the-art gaming center boasts the latest in virtual technology and has plenty of other activities for you and your friends to enjoy as a group.

underworld ventura park

After all, who doesn’t love the arcade?

Attractions at Underworld include: 

 1)  VR Evolution

You and your friends can be transported to another world thanks to the latest in VR technology. Conquer a digital reality by competing against each other or by working as a team.

Enjoy one of the two following virtual reality games in Cancun:

  • Horror Game: Affected
  • Adventure: Acan’s Call

2. The Mission

A game of stealth! Beat your friends to the end of an intricate laser maze to come out on top.

3. Laser Tanks

Picture laser tag meets bumper cars. This epic activity combines two of your childhood favorites to create a completely unique concept. Not to be missed. One shot from your enemy will send you and your futuristic tank reeling and spinning!

3. Star Wars Battle Pod

If you’re into Star Wars you will probably think that Christmas came early! This game includes 5 different stages that recreate the most iconic battles from the original trilogy.

Things to note: 

  • No sandals or open toe footwear is allowed.

Aaah! Ventura

This was definitely our group’s favorite world!


It’s no secret to anyone that Quintana Roo as a region has become somewhat celebrated for its epic zip-lining adventures. 

But what happens when you stay in Cancun and don’t have time, or don’t want to travel all the way to the Riviera Maya to experience the thrills of zip-lining outdoors adventures?

You go to Ventura Park of course!



The essence of Spring Break is to unleash your wild side!

Show life who’s in charge and get the adrenaline coursing through your veins.

At Aaah! Ventura all of the aerial courses are approved by the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT), a global third-party institution, so you can rest assured you are in good hands.

There are an array of different activities to choose from at Aaah! Ventura:

Tanzania:  A thrilling combination of roller coaster and zip-line.

Caribbean Zip:  4 side-by-side zip-lines, soak up views of the entire park with your friends by your side.

River Zip Line: Enjoy an aerial trip around the Lazy River at Ventura Park.

Escape Challenge –Skywalk North/South: Traverse wobbly aerial bridges with your friends, and feel a sense of achievement on the other side.

Step Up: Test your skills and see which of you is the better climber while attached to a safety system.

Bungee Swing:  A 46-foot drop that is sure to get your heart pumping!

Heli Jump: A 72 feet bungee jump not for the faint-hearted.

Things to note: 

  • Footwear required.
  • Shorts and shirt are required.

Dolphinaris (Swim with Dolphins)

If you have the extra cash spare during your visit to Ventura Park on Spring Break I’d highly recommend swimming with the dolphins (especially if you can afford to do it as a group).

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and something that all of you will remember forever.

Spring BReak

What delighted me the most was learning about the wealth of research and good things going on at Dolphinaris.

My experience was incredible, it is one of the best Dolphinariums I’ve ever witnessed and I was impressed by the extent of the trainer’s knowledge.

Here is a break down of the different programs they offer:

  1. The Dolphin Interactive Program  – Price $99 USD PP

Specially designed for people unable to swim. 

This option lasts one hour and includes: 

    • Dolphin orientation session
    • Introduction to dolphin behaviors & physiology
    • Dolphin kiss & fin shake
    • Personal time with dolphins

2. The Dolphin Swim & Ride Program – Price $119 PP (the one we chose)

The Dolphin Swim & Ride is great for all kinds of visitors,  it lasts one hour and includes:

  • Introduction to dolphin behaviors & physiology
  • Dolphin orientation session
  • Dolphin kiss & fin shake
  • Belly ride
  • Mask for underwater viewing
  • Personal time with the dolphin

3. Dolphin Swim Program – Price $149 PP

The Dolphin Swim Program lasts one hour and includes:

  • Introduction to dolphin behaviors & physiology
  • Dolphin orientation session
  • Dolphin kiss & fin shake
  • Foot push or Dorsal Ride
  • Personal time with a dolphin


4. Trainer For the Day  – $209 USD PP

The complete package they offer is the Trainer for a day. During its 7 hour duration you will enjoy:

– Dolphin orientation session

– Introduction to dolphin behaviors & physiology

– Dolphin kiss & fin shake

– Foot push or dorsal ride

– A 20-minute dolphin dive experience

– Behavioral Training session

– Personal time with dolphins

– Training basics

– Behind the scenes tour

– Program certificate & T-shirt

– 2 complementary program photos

– Complimentary food & beverages

– Minimum height 1.22mts / 4 ft and 12 years old

Prices are the same for both adults and children

Watch a video of what to expect here:

I would swim with the dolphins at Ventura Park in a heartbeat.

* Please note, if you are hoping to take some souvenirs away with you be sure to take some extra cash. 


Ventura Park was the perfect daytime activity for us to enjoy as a group in Cancun during Spring Break.

We got to navigate the park at our own pace, and not being tied to a particular schedule definitely gave us the freedom we needed and craved.

Things we LOVED: 

  • The fact ‘open-bar’ could be added to the ticket for just $9.
  • The location and free bus ride!
  • The price and value for money.
  • The dolphin experience we enjoyed as a group.
  • The different range of different activities (from relaxation to adrenaline-pumping zip-lines).

My experience at Ventura Park is not one that I will forget anytime soon, in fact, it’s something we plan on doing again this year.

It’s almost time to escape the cold winter and draining school schedule.

So, rejuvenate your soul, let loose, and live a little!

You’re guaranteed to create memories that last a lifetime with your friends.

We didn’t stop laughing the entire day, it was the perfect blend of fun, excitement, thrills, adrenaline, and hilarity.

TOP TIP: save the water activities till last. 

Think about it, all this for that price. Does it really get better than that?

Treat yourself, you won’t regret it.