Ventura Park Services

Wondering what sort of services and facilities are available at Ventura Park?

Here’s a list of add-ons that you can rent or purchase:

Small Locker             $140 MXN

Larger Locker           $185 MXN

Jumbo Locker          $245 MXN

Towel                        $100 MXN

Open Bar                  $100 MXN

Inner Tube               $100 MXN


Some activities are charged separately like:

Amazonia (exotic animal display)$50 MXN

Go-Karts                   $100 MXN/race

Battle Pods               $20 MXN

Large Battle Pod     $40 MXN

The Mission             $40 MXN

Laser Tanks             $100 MXN

VR Evolution           $100 MXN


Some restaurants are extra like:

The Bunker – Combo Wings       $60.00 MXN

The Bunker – Combo Nachos     $60.00 MXN

The Bunker – Combo Wrap        $60.00 MXN

The Bunker – Combo Salad         $60.00 MXN

Buon Appetito – Pizza Small       $50.00 MXN

Buon Appetito – Pizza Med.       $80.00 MXN

Free Transportation

Staying in the Hotel Zone and need free transportation? Click here.