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Should I Visit Cancun in 2018? [Part 2 of 3]

3.     Is it Cold in Cancun in December?


is it cold in Cancun in december 2018?

is it cold in Cancun in December 2018?

Have you felt like that? It’s been COLD this 2017-2018 winter, even in South Florida.

How cold is it in the USA right now?

Alligators are hibernating in frozen ponds with their snouts above the ice!


Frozen alligator in a pond - reasons to visit Cancun

Frozen alligator in a pond – reasons to visit Cancun

How crazy is that!?

Meanwhile in Cancun…


Average sea tempurature in Cancun for the year - why visit Cancun

Average sea temperature in Cancun for the year – why visit Cancun

You see that chart above? That’s SEA temperature averages per month in Cancun. In January the ocean is a toasty 80 degrees F.

Now that’s more like it, right?


  • Dump the snow boats and slap on some sandals.
  • Forget about long johns and find a bathing suit.
  • Stop worrying about scraping ice off the windshield and instead look for your sunscreen!


End the misery. Escape the terribly cold winter and enjoy the always-warm Cancun, Mexico!

4.     What are the Beaches like in Cancun in 2018?


Beaches in Cancun - why you should come to Cancun in 2018?

Beaches in Cancun – why you should come to Cancun in 2018?

You see that above? That’s the Hotel Zone in Cancun. And as I’m sure you’ve gathered by now, it’s filled with spectacular beaches.

Just how spectacular are the beaches in Cancun?

Well, obviously, there is the insanely see-through turquoise waters and white-powdered sand. But it’s more than that though.

The prestigious Blue Flag Organization rates the best beaches from all over the world. It is a special distinction to be awarded Blue Flag status.

So how many beaches in Cancun have been awarded Blue Flag status?

(For your convenience we’ve added Google Map Directions and User-Reviews for each beach.)

1.  Playa El Mirador(Coral)

Google Map Directions


2.  Playa del Niño

Google Map Directions


3.  Playa Las Perlas

Google Map Directions

4.  Playa Ballenas

Google Map Directions


5.  Playa Marlín

Google Map Directions


6.  Playa Chac Mool

Google Map Directions


7.  Playa Delfines

Google Map Directions



For more information on public beaches in Cancun (with pictures), please refer to this guide.

5. How are the all-inclusive hotels in Cancun in 2018?


All inclusive hotels in Cancun 2018

All inclusive hotels in Cancun 2018

Breathtaking yet affordable all-inclusive hotels. How does that sound to you?

But hotels in Cancun are not only famous for their all-inclusive nature.

You also get:

  • Dazzling & beautiful beaches
  • Gorgeous rooms filled with amenities
  • World-class service that will astonish you
  • Great prices that fit your budget
  • Excellent cuisine from all over the world


Pick a hotel that’s in the Hotel Zone in Cancun, so you’re close to all the action. Need help picking a kid-friendly all-inclusive resort in Cancun? Check out this article.

This article will be continued in Part 3…