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Should I Visit Cancun in 2018? [Parte 1]
cancun cancun is safe Tourism Visit cancun | 0 Comments |   23 Jul 2018

Should I Visit Cancun in 2018? [Parte 1]

The secret is out. And it’s spreading quickly.

Over 10 million tourists visited Cancun, Mexico in 2016.

That number grew in 2017, and all signs point to even more coming this 2018.

Are you wondering: is Cancun worth visiting?

Do you have more questions about Cancun like:

Is Cancun safe?

Is Cancun expensive?

Is Cancun warm in December?

How are the beaches in Cancun?

What kind of hotels do you find in Cancun?

What is the Mexican culture like in Cancun?

What are the places to visit in Cancun?

What sort of activities are there in Cancun?

After we answer these questions, I’m sure you’ll decide: This 2018, I’m packing my bags for Cancun!

1.     Is safe to visit Cancun in 2018?

Naturally, everyone wonders, is Cancun safe right now?
The answer?

If you take the same precautions as you would traveling anywhere, (including metropolitan cities in the US) Cancun is 100% safe for you and your family.

In fact, the official US Travel Advisory page says the following about Cancun:

no USA restrictions traveling to Mexico Quintana Roo

no USA restrictions traveling to Mexico Quintana Roo


Need further proof?
Take a look at what SafeAround, which “assesses risk level worldwide”, says about Cancun.

Tourists are safe in cancun 2018

Tourists are safe in cancun 2018


traveling risk to cancun is minimum


So you see, it’s pretty clear Cancun is a safe city for American travelers.

2.     Is Cancun inexpensive in 2018?

your money goes further in cancun mexico 2018

What’s the number one reason people love coming to Cancun? American dollars have a lot of value in Mexico.

In 2014 one American dollar was worth around 12 Mexican pesos. Even back then, that was considered a great deal for Americans.

Today in early 2018?

what is the usd to mxn exchange rate in 2018

One American dollar equals almost 19 Mexican pesos. That’s a 50% appreciation!

If traveling to Mexico was a great deal for Americans in 2014, then traveling to Cancun in 2018 is an absolute STEAL for Americans.

It’s simple math. You can vacation in USA and do very little before your budget is exhausted. Or…

You can vacation in Cancun in 2018 and feel rich on that same budget. It’s your choice. =)


Do NOT exchange your American dollars for Mexican pesos at the airport. You’ll get a terrible exchange rate. Wait till you get to the Hotel Zone. In fact, anywhere other than the airport is better.

This article will be continued in Part 2…