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7 Awe-Inspiring Cancun Attractions You Don’t Want to Miss!
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7 Awe-Inspiring Cancun Attractions You Don’t Want to Miss!

So you’re wondering: Should I go all the way to Cancun this vacation? Is it really worth it?

Basically, it comes down to this.

You think: What can I do in Cancun, that I can’t do in let’s say…Daytona Beach? I mean, they both have nice beaches, right? But here’s the thing. Cancun is SO much more than just a nice beach.

Cancun is a portal to amazing adventures you can’t find elsewhere.

Sure. Cancun is the only tourist destination in Mexico with 3 Blue Flag certified beaches. (In case you, don’t know, it means Cancun has some of the best beaches in the world.)

And, yes. The beaches are breathtaking. But let’s face it. Eventually, you’re going to want to make some memories right?

And that’s where Cancun rises above all.

Cancun attractions are different. They’re unique. Exciting. Let’s see. What’s the best way to put it? Cancun attractions are what most people write on their bucket list. You know? The things you NEED to do before it’s too late.

Are you wondering which Cancun attractions I’m talking about? Well, don’t worry. I got you covered.

Here are 7 Awe-Inspiring Cancun Attractions You Don’t Want to Miss

1.       Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset

It’s coming. In fact, it’s already here. Virtual Reality is taking OVER. It seems like you hear about it on the news every day. And for good reason too…Virtual Reality is the future.

Don’t know what all the fuss is about?

It’s because you haven’t tried the Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset. This top-of-the-line headset will teleport you into another MIND-BLOWING dimension!

Don’t be the last one to try. Find out what you’ve been missing today.

BTW…the ONLY place to find Virtual Reality in Cancun is Ventura Park’s Underworld. Find more info here.

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset

2.       Waterslide Park

Cancun is many things to many people. One thing we can all agree on is, Cancun is HOT. Don’t get me wrong. That’s half the magic. But sometimes, you just want to cool off…in style!

What better way to do that, than down a CRAZY waterslide? You’ll zip, zag, and splash. You’ll never feel more reinvigorated after.

The best waterpark in Cancun? Check out Wet’n Wild at Ventura Park.

Water park

Water park

3.       Beach Club

Now, some of you may be wondering…what the heck is a “Beach Club”? To put it simply, it’s the royal experience.

Do me a favor. Imagine in your head, a king and queen at the beach. Do you see them laying a towel on the bare sand? Of course not!

You picture them on a lush four-post bed. You picture them being attended to constantly. They need an ice-cold margarita? Mouth-watering seafood ceviche?

All they do is wave their hands. Now that’s the royal experience.

And that’s exactly what you’ll get at a beach club. Absolute comfort, with exquisite bedside service.

Now THAT’s living, huh?

Treat yourself today. Live like a King or Queen.

Check out the top beach club in Cancun, El Beacho Club, at Ventura Park.

Beach Club

Beach Club

4.       Roller Coaster

Who doesn’t love roller-coasters? They’re fast. Exhilarating. And tons of fun.

But guess what? There’s only ONE roller-coaster in Cancun. But don’t worry. You can see the ocean from it! How’s that for a spectacular view?

Beautiful sceneries + adrenaline= FUN

Check out Fun World at Ventura Park for the only roller coaster in Cancun.

Roller Coaster

Roller Coaster

5.       Bungee Swing

You know you’ve thought about it before. You just never expected you’d actually have the opportunity. Well, here it is. The choice is now yours. To Bungee or Not to Bungee.

Are you wondering to yourself: Am I going to be able to handle this?

Then you’re the perfect candidate. This is what Cancun is all about. Pushing yourself to the limits. Remember those lifelong memories we talked about earlier?

Here’s your chance. Don’t back down now.

Go bungee jumping in Cancun at AaahVentura at Ventura Park.

Bungee Swing

Bungee Swing

6.       Zipline

You know people will ask you if you did. What are you going to say? “No, I was too afraid?”

Of course, not! That’s not the Cancun way.

In Cancun, you face your fears. It’s what everyone does here. It’s part of Cancun’s magic.

So strap on, and enjoy the spectacular view! (you’ll thank me later!)

The best way to zipline in the Hotel Zone is AaahVentura at Ventura Park.



7.       Swim with a Dolphin

Does this need any explaining? Do you really need me to explain? They’re beautiful and intelligent dolphins. And you and your whole family can interact with them, face to face.

And this is no ordinary dolphinarium either.

Dolphinaris is world-renowned for their Dolphinaris Foundation. This foundation uses education, research and conservation to protect the ocean and its marine species.

The best part? If you buy a dolphin swim at Dolphinaris, part of your ticket goes straight to the Dolphinaris Foundation! How cool is that?

Swimming with Dolphins

Swimming with Dolphins

Check out the best place for dolphin swims in Cancun, Dolphinaris at Ventura Park.

Ok. Now can you see what I was talking about? Imagine going on a vacation, plopping yourself on a beach towel for a week, and calling it quits after? Sadly, many do exactly that. But it’s only because they don’t know any better.

Not you. You now know of 7 Awe-Inspiring Cancun Attractions You Don’t Want to Miss. So tell all your friends and family. You now have the recipe for the perfect vacation in Cancun!