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13 Mind-Blowing Things to do in Cancun for Non-Drinkers
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13 Mind-Blowing Things to do in Cancun for Non-Drinkers

So you just got invited to Cancun. Sounds great right? But here’s the problem…

You just stopped drinking. Cancun? Are they nuts? Are there things to do in Cancun for non-drinkers like me?

Well, guess what? Your friends are not crazy. There’s actually A LOT you can do without drinking a single drop of alcohol.

And we’re not talking about visiting museums, or taking a Spanish course either. We’re talking real fun. Real excitement.

Best part?

You can find ALL of these activities under one roof.

It’s called Ventura Park.

Ventura Park entrance - Things to do in Cancun for Non-Drinkers

It’s the only theme park in Cancun’s Hotel Zone. They don’t even sell alcohol, so you know you won’t have to deal with people who had one too many.

PLUS… for one low price* you get all of these mind-blowing activities listed below.

Not to mention…

You’re going to remember EVERY second of it. (Bet some of your friends can’t say the same!)

First…Let’s talk about how you get there.

It’s located on the 25 Kilometer Marker in Cancun’s Hotel Zone.  They even offer a complimentary shuttle service you can find here.

Have your own transportation? Better yet. Click here to get Google Map Directions.

Great! Now we’ve gotten that out of the way. Let’s get to the good stuff.

Here are 13 Mind-Blowing Things to do in Cancun for Non-Drinkers

1.      Virtual Reality Headset by Oculus Rift

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality - Things to do in Cancun for Non-Drinkers

It’s true. Virtual Reality has arrived. It’s what everyone is talking about.

And why wouldn’t they be? When you can transport yourself into another dimension, that’s magic!

Find out what all the craze is about at Underworld.

2.      Swim with a Dolphin

Swim with Dolphins - Things to do in Cancun for Non-Drinkers

You know you’ve been wanting to do this for a while. It’s been on your bucket list since you were a child.

And now here’s your chance!

Let a dolphin give you a peck on the cheek. Shake fins with them. Hang on to their pectoral fins and feel how fast they can swim!

You can even become a dolphin trainer for a day.

It’s an experience you will cherish forever.

3.      Waterslide Park

Atracciones en Cancún Wet'n Wild Parque acuático

Atracciones en Cancún Wet’n Wild Parque acuático

Nobody does waterslides better than Wet’n Wild. Cancun has a great weather year-round. But let’s face it. Sometimes it gets hot.

Best way to cool off?

Pick a waterslide that best suits you and hop on! Need an adrenaline rush. Pick the Kamikaze.

Want something more tranquil? Go with the Lazy River.

4.      Wave Pool

Wet'n Wild's Wave Pool - Things to do in Cancun for Non-Drinkers

You get waves at beaches. But then you also get sand. And salt. And nobody wants that.

People like the cleanliness and security of a pool. But then they miss the waves.

Not anymore.

With a Wave Pool you get the best of both worlds!

5.      Bungee Jump

Bungee Swing - Things to do in Cancun for Non-Drinkers

When you go to Ventura Park, there’s a place called AaahVentura. It basically is adrenaline-junkie heaven.

Here you can try their ‘bungee-swing’.

Yup. Just another thing you can cross off your bucket list.

6.      Zipline

Atracciones en Cancún, Tirolesas en la zona hotelera en Ventura Park Cancún

There’s no better view, than a bird’s eye view. And unless wings grow out of your back, you’re stuck on the ground like the rest of us.

Ugh. How boring huh?

Not anymore! At least not when you go ziplining.

Finally! You can soar through the air like an eagle. The best part?

You can smile at all those earthbound earthlings on the ground.

7.      Roller Coaster

The only roller-coaster in Cancun - Things to do in Cancun for Non-Drinkers

Do you want to try the only roller coaster in Cancun’s Hotel Zone?

You’re in luck.

Once inside Ventura Park, head to Fun World.

There you’ll find childhood classic carnival rides like a roller-coaster.


8.      Crazy Chair Swing


Like the Crazy Chair Swing.

Just sit back, and let the swinging begin!

You’ll get a nice view. Plus, you’ll also feel a soothing ocean breeze.

Because don’t forget…Ventura Park is an Oceanside theme-park.

9.      Beach Club

6 Cosas que hacer antes de visitar el mejor parque acuático de cancun Usar bloqueador solar

Speaking of oceans…

What’s the best way to enjoy a beach?

So many places separate food service from the beach. In order to get a good meal, you have to walk all the way to the restaurants.

But where’s the fun in that?

Don’t you want to be on the beach AND enjoy good food?

That’s where Ventura Park’s El Beacho Club comes in. Lay back on a soft luxurious bed and let the servers bring you your food.

Now THAT’s the beach club life.

10.  Go Kart

Grand PrixWho’s the fastest driver?

Ok. Fine. Everyone THINKS they’re the fastest driver.

Sure, they’ll claim to be the fastest.

But do they have what it takes to back it up on the road?

When you’re at Ventura Park, head to Grand Prix.

And let the races begin.

11.  Laser Tag (Cancun Style)

Laser Tanks

Everyone has heard of laser-tag. But have you heard of Laser Tag…Cancun style?

We’re talking about Underworld’s Battle Tanks. You sit inside. Strap yourself in tightly. And start aiming your laser gun at your friends.

Be careful though. If you get shot, you go for a spin!

12.  The Mission Simulation


We’ve all seen the movie. Some professional thief tries to steal a diamond. Or something of very high value, like the original Mona Lisa.

What is it guarded by?

Hundreds of lasers waiting to detect someone’s presence to sound the alarm. Ever wonder if you could pull it off?

Head to Underworld’s The Mission, and find out today.

13.  Star Wars Battle Pod

Star Wars Battlepod - Things to do in Cancun for Non-Drinkers

This is no ordinary arcade. This is a truly immersive experience.

You even close the door behind you. Why? To completely shutout the outside world. Once you’re sitting inside, a curved screen puts you in the center of all the action.

Race your way to the end, and prove the force is with you.

You see! We told you there were 13 Mind-Blowing Things to do in Cancun for Non-Drinkers!

In fact, Cancun is the perfect place to embrace your sobriety. Here, the adventure never ends.

*(Dolphin Swim and Beach Club are sold separately from the Ventura Unlimited Package)

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