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Why Traveling to Cancun Became 69% Cheaper
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Why Traveling to Cancun Became 69% Cheaper

Cancun hotel zone -The Reason Why Traveling to Cancun Became 69% Cheaper


Traveling to Cancun has always been easy on American’s pockets. It’s one of the reasons Cancun is so popular.

But now, things are EXTREMELY affordable for Americans. Like, CRAZY affordable.

We’re going to show you why this is, and 9 ways you can take advantage of it.


Let’s take a look at the reason why traveling to Cancun became 69% cheaper.

The Mexican Peso

Mexican pesos - The Reason Why Traveling to Cancun Became 69% Cheaper

American and Mexican Politics are affecting the strength of the Mexican Peso.  Politics are boring, so we’ll skip the ‘why’, and just focus on the ‘what’.

In other words…

The effect

Mexican Pesos Strength the last few years

The Mexican Peso is losing its strength compared to the American Dollar.

Let me show you what I mean.

Do you see on the left, at around 2014, the Mexican Peso was valued at nearly 13 pesos for every American Dollar?


It’s almost 22 pesos per dollar.

What this means for the American Dollar

The Reason Why Traveling to Cancun Became 69% Cheaper

This means the dollar is stronger in Mexico. Still confused?

Let’s take a look at more concrete examples.

Cancun Vacation in 2014

In 2014, if you saved $5,000 dollars for a family Cancun vacation, you would have gotten back 65,000 pesos.

Not bad.

You can certainly do a heck of a lot more in Cancun with 65,000 pesos than you could have in the States with $5,000 bucks.


Cancun Vacation in 2018

Let’s figure out what you would get today.

If you brought $5,000 bucks to Cancun today, you would get back roughly 110,000 pesos.

Now that’s a big difference.

In fact…

The Reason Why Traveling to Cancun Became 69% Cheaper

It’s 69% increase!

Imagine that for a moment. Imagine you could increase the size of your bank account by 69%.

Well, that’s exactly what would happen if you planned a vacation to Cancun right now.

You see? That’s the reason why traveling to Cancun became 69% cheaper

What Can You Do With That Extra Money in Cancun?

So is it really worth it to travel to Cancun? I mean, I understand I’ll have more money. But…are there only beaches in Cancun?

If you find yourself asking these kinds of questions, consider this.

Here are…

 9 Surefire Fun Activities You Can Do Right in Cancun’s Hotel Zone

1.      Ziplines

Ziplines in Cancun at Ventura Park

This is the perfect way to get a bolt of adrenaline. Imagine yourself soaring through the air and watching everything below from a bird’s-eye view.

If you’re looking for extreme adventure, try ziplining.

Click here for more information

2.      Laser Tag

Laser Tag with Battle Tanks - Things to do in Cancun

This is laser tag, Cancun style.

Think laser tag, meets bumper cars. They’re called Laser Tanks.

Aim. Shoot. And watch your foe go for a spin!

Click here for more information

3.      Virtual Reality

Ventura Park Virtual Reality- HTC Vive with vrevolution-virtualizer

This is the future.

We’re talking about the HTC Vive VR headset matched with the Virtualizer.

The HTC Vive VR headset sends your mind into another dimension.

The Virtualizer makes sure your body follows you there.

Together it constitutes the ultimate virtual reality experience.

Click here for more information

4.      Waterslides

The Reason Why Traveling to Cancun Became 69% Cheaper

Ahh yes. Everyone’s favorite Cancun activity.

Waterslides are everyone’s favorite because if you want fast & crazy waterslides, you can hop on the Kamikaze.

If you want a slower, more tranquil experience you get on the Lazy River.

You see? Everyone wins.

Click here for more information

5.      Bungee Jumps

Bungee Swings in Aaahventura in Ventura Park

Do you have what it takes to walk off the edge?

Can you override your survival instinct and actually make the jump?

Or will you…freeze when it’s finally your turn?

There’s only one way to find out, right?

Click here for more information

6.      Exotic Animal Viewing

Amazonia - Kid-Friendly Activities in Cancun’s Hotel Zone

Are you interested in seeing animals you’ve never seen before?

How about coming face to face with a…

  • Boa-constrictor
  • Toucan
  • Brazilian bird-eating tarantula
  • Flying serpent
  • Red blood python
  • Spitting cobra
  • Gila monster
  • Diamondback rattlesnake
  • Owls
  • Snapping turtles
  • Hawks
  • Cockatoo’s

7.      Swim with a Dolphin


This is the ultimate bucket list item.

I mean, who hasn’t dreamed about swimming with dolphins?

Jump in and experience what it’s like to swim side-by-side on of the most intelligent and friendly creatures on the planet.

Click here for more information

8.      Swim in a Wave Pool

Wave Pool at Ventura Park

Haven’t you always wanted to try one of these?

It features the best of both worlds.

You get ocean-like waves but without the saltiness—or sharks—from the sea!

Click here for more information

9.      Race Go-Karts

Go Karts in Ventura Park

Want to race go-karts seaside while you feel the ocean breeze hit your face as you speed by?

Do you dare to accelerate fully through the turns?

Click here for more information


  • Politics have weakened the peso and strengthened the dollar
  • Now Americans have 69% more money to spend in Cancun today
  • There are 9 surefire Cancun activities at Ventura Park

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