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6 Reasons You Should Bring Your Girlfriend To Ventura Park
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6 Reasons You Should Bring Your Girlfriend To Ventura Park

Whether you’re whisking your new romance away on vacation for the first time, or you’re rekindling a long-term romance, there’s a multitude of reasons why you should bring your girlfriend to Ventura Park.

Mexico oozes romance.  Lush beaches, balmy weather, and salsa dancing by the shore! What’s not to love?

However, there is only so much ‘beaching’ a couple can do before boredom sets in.

beach in Cancun

By the time you’ve booked your flights, hotel, and accounted for food or nightlife, it’s likely your bank account will be feeling the crunch.

When planning things to do in the region, there are plenty of tours but they all come at a cost!

Ventura Park is by far the best value for money attraction.

We will delve into why and a little bit about pricing later but here are just some of the many reasons why you and your girlfriend should pay the park a visit.

Come and see what all the fuss is about for yourself!

Reasons Why You Should Bring Your Girlfriend To Ventura Park

Although Ventura Park may not immediately scream romantic getaway, it will provide you and your partner with memories that will last a lifetime. 

Once you’ve had a few days getting your deserved rest and relaxation at the beach come to Ventura Park for some wet n’ wild fun and an action-packed day of adventure. 

For the price of just one unlimited ticket, you can enjoy 6 of the parks amazing world’s. 

6 worlds girlfriend

1. Learn to Trust Each Other More and Test Your Limits At Aaah!Ventura

The basis of any worthwhile relationship is trust.

Aaah! Ventura is just one of the 6 world’s at Ventura Park and is the ultimate aerial adventure.

Here you can bungee jump, zip line, and traverse aerial bridges.


As the two of you take on this epic course you can offer each other words of encouragement, comfort, and support.

Or if you both really enjoy a challenge you can unleash your competitive sides, and feel a real sense of achievement when you arrive back on solid ground again.

At this adrenaline-filled world, you can even zip-line side by side over the park soaking up the views of everyone having fun together.

zipling with girlfriend ventura park

You will also need to guide and encourage one another as you traverse hanging aerial bridges together.

2. Create Memories That Last a Lifetime at Dolphinaris

Swimming with dolphins is something some people only dream of!

It’s a magical experience that is on many travelers bucket list.

Here at Ventura Park, you can make all of those dreams become a reality. 

Interacting with dolphins, learning about their biology, and swimming alongside them is a moment that I can guarantee will stay with you forever.

Dolphins Ventura Park

It’s even more memorable when you can enjoy it together as a couple. 

Dolphinaris in Cancun is celebrated as being one of the best dolphinariums in the world, due to its continuous research efforts and outstanding level of care for the animals.

If you wish to swim with dolphins on your next vacation to Mexico you can enjoy the experience as part of your day at Ventura Park.

Dolphinaris isn’t included in the ticket price for Ventura Park.

If you wish to swim with dolphins you will have to pay an additional cost but you will find the dolphinarium within the same grounds so you won’t have to travel far.

However, they often offer some incredible combination deals and regularly run promotions so if you are interested I would advise booking in advance so that you can save money and also have time to check out the discount page on their website.

Deals and discounts

What’s more is that Dolphinaris run a variety of different dolphin programs to suit different ages and every budget.

So, rest assured you will find something to suit the two of you.

All of the programs run from 10.00am to 4.00pm. 

3. You Get To Admire Your Girlfriend in Her Bikini at Wet n’ Wild

I don’t mean to sound crude but coming to Ventura Park with your girlfriend is the perfect opportunity to admire her in her bikini.


All this fun in the sun is bound to get you a little hot at some point so the best way to cool off is at the parks incredible waterpark.

Wet n’ Wild is home to the only waterslide activities within the hotel zone.

It’s a no-brainer!

Whether you’re both searching for more thrills or just want to relax there are 8 attractions in this world to accommodate both types of desires.

If you want to make a huge splash at the water park and speed around every twist and turn check out:

  • Twister – an epic slide that the two of you can enjoy together in a 2-person inner tube, hold on tight and expect sensational speeds.

slides at ventura park

  • Kamikaze – a steep drop slide that will surely impress your partner should you take the plunge.
  • Bubba Tub –another slide you can enjoy together in a tube as you make your way down 6 floors of fun with surprising dips and a refreshing landing.
  • Double Space Bowl – a 50-foot drop slide racing down at a rousing 30 mph!

For a more relaxed and lazy water experience take some time to chill out on the:

  • Lazy River – sit back, relax, and float along the relaxing river.

Ventura Park

  • Wet Bubble – race each other to the top and reward yourself with a slippery slide down.
  • Wave Pool – laze together topping up your tans as you feel the gentle lull of the waves on your skin, it’s extremely relaxing, trust me you will never want to leave!

I never even realized how romantic Lazy Rivers were until I found my husband slowly pushing me around one.

It’s the perfect chance to catch up, rejuvenate, and enjoy the cool water on your skin.

4. Race Each Other Go Karting!

Unleash your competitive sides!

We know they are in there somewhere.

Of course, if you’re the gentleman reading this you will always let your girlfriend win because that’s what real men do. 😉

And ladies, it gives you the chance to show your other half that not all women drivers suck!

go karting with girlfriend ventura park

You’re a true speed demon and you know it.

It’s time to channel your inner Lewis Hamilton and take center stage at Ventura Park’s oceanfront go-karting track. 

A little healthy competition between couples never hurt anyone, in fact, some people would argue it’s a good thing.

It is a  thrilling and super fun activity to do together on vacation.

The tracks have been designed to produce the perfect blend of speed and challenge.

This is real life Mario Kart people, does it get much better than that?

Zoom through the 275-yard track at speeds reaching 25 miles per hour! The facilities at Ventura Park use the latest / safest equipment and technology.

Don’t worry your girlfriend will be in safe hands with us.

5. Enjoy a Meal and Drinks Together at No Extra Cost

What’s better than going for a lovely meal with the person you love?

Food and drink that is bottomless, that’s what.

food and drink at ventura park

Yes, at Ventura Park you can enjoy all-inclusive food and drink included in the prices of your ticket.

So it doesn’t matter how thirsty or hungry you are you won’t have to worry about spending more money or bringing extra cash for that.

The Sunrise Buffet is where you will find the food that is included in the ticket.

This eatery is open from 11.00 am to 13.00 pm, and 14.30 to 17.00 pm, so be sure to plan your day accordingly.

You’ll find foods such as hamburgers, hot dogs, salads, rice, burritos, enchiladas, chicken dishes and other goodies.

If you do feel like an alcoholic drink during your visit (and let’s be honest who doesn’t during vacation *pass me a margarita por favor*) you can add an open bar to your ticket for as little as  $7.85 USD.

Yes, you read that correctly.

cheers salut

Definitely worth it for ice cold beer on tap!

All the adventure and fun sure is thirsty work!

6. Relive Your Best Childhood Memories Together At Underworld

Childhood is definitely one of the best parts of any person’s life.

It’s usually filled with endless fun and carefree memories.

As a child, we got to spend time with our families, play games, and make new friends before finding our own way in lives.

The one thing that is universal for people all over the world is playing games as a child.

There’s something about our innocence and playful souls at that stage of our life that just couldn’t get enough of popular games such as bumper cars and laser tag. 

Laser Tanks

At Ventura Park’s ‘Underworld’, you and your girlfriend can travel back in time and feel like a teenager all over again…except this time, the gaming has evolved for the better!

There are plenty of attractions to entice you both in this particular world but my favorite has to be Laser Tanks. 

What is it?

Well, let’s be honest bumper cars are SO yesterday.

Think more bumper cars meets laser tag.

This fun and innovative creation combines the best attributes of both to create a totally unique and mesmerizing game.

Go head to head with your girlfriend and don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled at all times. One shot from her can send your futuristic tank reeling and spinning.

Important things to note: 

  • All of the Ventura Park’s world’s that don’t involve water require you to be 100% dry before partaking in the activity.

It’s for this reason that I would recommend saving the water activities till last, plus they are also the best way to cool off from all the adrenaline and excitement.

  • You may want to take a little extra cash just in case you want to purchase anything such as locker or towel rental.

wet ventura park

Buying Tickets for Ventura Park

As if this wasn’t all exciting enough you will be pleased to know that Ventura Park is also incredibly cheap.

So much so, that often many of our readers do not believe us!

You can especially steal a good deal when you book in advance and online.

You have the potential to save tons of extra cash!

ventura park

Here’s a breakdown of prices at Ventura Park.

Ticket types are divided up into two categories.

  1. The Ventura Park Pass – this basic ticket grants you access to just 3 of the 6 worlds at Ventura Park (Wet ‘n Wild, Aaah!Ventura, and Fun World). It is enough if you are just interested in spending half the day here as opposed to the full-day.
  2. Ventura Park Unlimited  – gives you access to absolutely everything at Ventura Park Pass except Dolphinaris. Recommended for a full-day visit to ensure you get around to experiencing everything.

I should note that it is also possible to book a dolphin experience in advance too on the Dolphinaris Cancun website.

Both Ventura Park and Dolphinaris have live chat assistants that can help you with your bookings or can provide you with a quote and inform you about any deals that may be happening at the time of your visit.

Pricing and how to save money before you purchase:

*Prices are shown in USD

Regular pricing for ‘Ventura Park Pass‘ (access to just 3 of the worlds):

  • Adult $45.45  – 30% (when you book online) = $31.85
  • Child $40.10 – 30% (when you book online) = $28.07

Regular pricing for ‘Ventura Park Unlimited‘ (access to all 5 worlds excluding Dolphinaris):

  • Adult $64.17 – 30% (when you book online) = $44.97
  • Child $45.45 – 30% (when you book online) = $31.85

Ventura Park is regularly known to offer up some incredible deals, so again,  be sure to check out their discount page before you book.

Wet n wild

Rekindle the Romance at Ventura Park!

Are you ready to add that extra injection of excitement into your next trip to Cancun?

Everything listed in this article is available to you without even leaving the hotel zone, because after all, who wants to waste time in transit?

There’s nothing better than spending some downtime in paradise with the person you love most, you can add the cherry on top of the icing for her by booking this little surprise and enjoying the activities together.

What’s more,  is that is all comes at such a great price! Don’t miss out.

A day filled with fun and action-packed adventure awaits you both.

I guarantee that she will love it!