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The most Complete Kids Park in Cancun: Ventura Park
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The most Complete Kids Park in Cancun: Ventura Park

The Caribbean is often seen as a couple’s getaway, a relaxing retreat, a 5-minute break from reality whilst sipping on margaritas by the beach. For all you bummed out parents, it doesn’t have to be that way! If your little ones are tagging along this vacation, we have the best kids park in Cancun for you!

Fun for all ages!

Stop stressing about finding a place that your whole family will enjoy, at Ventura Park there is something for everybody. Infants, teenagers and adults can have a blast without spending too much…


As Ventura Park is an aquatic/amusement park there are options that you´ll need your swimsuit for, and some that you won´t. For the smallest members of the family this park is definitely a blast, here are some of the cool rides:



– kids park ( an awesome playground located in a pool where your kids can slide and have the time of thir lives).

  • wet bubble (if your kids love challenges this will be their all-time-favorite! Test their climbing skills while they try to get to the top of the wet bubble).


  • lazy river (sit back and let the lazy river take you on a relaxing, yet fun ride)


  • carousel (hop on the carousel for an old-school ride, your kids will love it!).
  • crazy chairs ( another fun classic ride! Sit on our flying chairs and take in the amazing view of the coast).
  • Aah Ventura! (a bunch of fun and wild games/attractions to awaken your adventure spirit)





  • Kamikaze (Feeling brave? Pure adrenaline on this speed drop that features refreshing streams of water for an exciting experience).
  • Double Space-Bowl (These amazing slides drop you from 50ft high at almost 30 mph! At the end you dive into a 10-foot pool, therefore knowing to swim is mandatory.
  •  Twister (As its name implies, this ride is full of fantastic twists and turns… always keeping you on your feet as you slide riding a 2-person inner tube).



  • Bungee Swing (ever dreamt of skydiving? Test your braveness as you leap off a 46 foot platform and then swing like a pendulum!).
  • Tarzania (Ventura Park did the unthinkable and combined an 800-ft zipline and a rollercosater, long live Tarzania!).
  •  Skywalk Escape Challenge (Ever seen Indiana Jones? If you’ve ever wondered what walking on those scary, wobbly bridges feels like, you can find out in our 6 hanging bridges!).
  • Grand Prix (Show your family what you’re made of! Ride our go karts and challenge yourself in our fun course by the seaside).
  • Underworld (Innovation meets fun! Our futuristic arcade has 4 different activities that will blow your mind… Such as virtual reality games, Star Wars Battlepods, a laser maze and our thrilling Laser Tanks where bumper cards meet laser tag).


As much as we know you’re sure to enjoy every part of the park, we know how good it feels to unwind… Here are some of the features we think you’ll enjoy when you need a break.


  • Wave Pool: (Chill and go with the flow of our artificial wave pool).
  • El BeachOH: (Grab a drink or take a bite at the beach club, away from the noise and overlooking the ocean!).