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Bungee in Cancun and Other CRAZY Adrenaline-Fuelled Activities (2018)
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Bungee in Cancun and Other CRAZY Adrenaline-Fuelled Activities (2018)

Searching for a bungee in Cancun?

You’re in luck!

No matter where you fall on the daredevil spectrum we’ve got something for all types of adrenaline seekers.

In life, you’re meant to test your limits, get outside your comfort zone, and surprise yourself, that’s how we, as humans, grow.

Sure, it takes a certain amount of courage, but if you’ve got the strength to muster it up, it’s time to make yourself proud!


Bungee in Cancun, Hotel zone

Bungee in Cancun at Hotel Zone

Adventure activities turn great vacations into UNFORGETTABLE ones!

You’ll return home with a sense of pride and an abundance of happy memories that will stay with you forever.

If you plan on visiting Cancun you will be happy to know there are an array of adrenaline-fuelled activities you can partake in!

Here’s our round-up of the best ones.

Crazy Cancun Hotel Zone Activities That Every Adrenaline Junkie Will Love

This part of the world is celebrated for its multitude of exciting tours and attractions. 

It’s one of the many reasons millions of travelers flock and return to this part of the world every year, there’s just so much to do!

Cancun is home to incredible natural wonders, huge parks and attractions, great nightlife and an abundance of wildlife.

With so much on offer, we designed this post with the adrenaline junkie in mind.

If you’re ready for thrills, look no further, we’ve got you covered.


Crazy activities in Cancun

Crazy activities in Cancun

It’s time to get your healthy dose of adrenaline in paradise!

1. Bungee in Cancun at Ventura Park

Bungee jumping is an activity that is on many people’s bucket list (and for a good reason too).

It’s the perfect way to conquer your fears, soar like a bird through the open air, and feel a real sense of achievement after you’ve taken that epic leap of faith into the air.

In my experience, there is nothing quite as exhilarating as free falling through the air before returning back to solid ground.

It’s a true sense of freedom, unchained from the laws of gravity even if it is just for a moment.



Crazy activities in Cancun

Crazy activities in Cancun

All it takes is just 3 seconds of insane courage to take the first step and plunge from the platform.

If you’re traveling as a group or a couple doing a bungee jump activity is sure to bring you relationships much closer as you share words of support and encouragement.

You can make all of your bungee-jumping dreams a reality in Cancun without even leaving the hotel zone!

At Ventura Park daredevils can get there a healthy dose of adrenaline by taking their leap of faith at Aaah!Ventura (one of the 5 world’s at the park).



Bungee at Aaah!Ventura

Bungee at Aaah!Ventura


  The bungee at Aaah! Ventura is the perfect height for first-time jumpers measuring up to 10 meters high. 

However, it is still big enough to thrill even the most experienced adrenaline junkies!

People who want to bungee jump at Ventura park must be at least 6 years old and 1.22 meters tall.  

The bungee-jump is also certified by the Association for Challenge Course Technology. 

Take a sneak peek of what to expect here and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to our channel to see more videos like this:


2. Zip-Lining at Ventura Park

Don’t let the aerial adventures end there!

In the same place as the bungee jump at Ventura Park, you can enjoy an epic zip-lining experience.

Aaah! Ventura is home to the only zip line experience in the hotel zone of Cancun so it’s extremely convenient if you don’t like the idea of wasting time in transit on vacation.



Adrenaline activities to do in Cancun at Ventura Park

Adrenaline activities to do in Cancun at Ventura Park

Not only that,  you can traverse aerial bridges across the park that are a staggering 65-feet up in the air.

It’s the perfect adventure activity for all ages!

Attractions at Aaah! Ventura also include:

Tanzania – think rollercoaster meets 800-foot zip line! A crazy and innovative ride that blends the best attributes of each.

Caribbean Zip – soar across the park at an impressive height of 80 feet on 4-side-by-side ziplines (perfect for families).

River Zip Line –  a extremely enjoyable zip-line that will take you on an 800-foot round trip ride over the famous Lazy River.


The zipline at Wet'n Wild Cancun

The zipline at Wet’n Wild Cancun

Netland – a bridge course made just for kids & the young at heart. Here you will find 9 bridges to cross surrounded by nets on this safe yet adrenaline-filled adventure.

Step Up –  an activity that tests your skills as you climb up higher and higher trunks, while anchored to a safety system the entire time.

Pricing at Ventura Park

The best news of all?

Ventura Park is incredibly cheap and crazy value for money.

Especially when you book online and in advance, you can save TONS of extra cash!

Ticket types are divided up into two categories.

The Ventura Park Pass – this basic ticket grants you access to just 3 of the 6 worlds at Ventura Park (Wet ‘n Wild, Aaah!Ventura, and Fun World).

Ventura Pass


Regular pricing for ‘Ventura Park Pass‘:

  • Adult $44.74  – 40% (when you book online) = $26.84
  • Child $39.47 – 40% (when you book online) = $23.68


Ventura Park Unlimited – gives you access to absolutely everything at Ventura Park Pass except Dolphinaris which you have to pay extra for.

Ventura Unlimited


Regular pricing for ‘Ventura Park Unlimited‘:

  • Adult $63.16 – 50% (when you book online) = $31.58
  • Child $44.75 – 50% (when you book online) = $22.37

For more information on the different world’s at this attraction, or to learn about the all-inclusive food and drink options  + open bar click here. 


3. Skydiving

The ultimate thrill!

Your heart will be thumping, your mind will be racing with a million and one thoughts. Your palms will be sweaty,  all you can hear is the swooshing of air around you, the propellers turning, and the voice in your head screaming holy sh*t!

Before you know it you are free falling towards earth in one giant leap of faith, adrenaline, and excitement.

Skydiving is definitely not for the faint-hearted but those who are able to muster up the courage to do it never regret it.

After my unforgettable and life-changing experience, I recommend that everyone does it at least once in their life.

Leonardo Da Vinci once said,

For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return.

He was right. Once you’ve tasted the sky you will want to do it again and again.

Cancun and the surrounding regions are the perfect places to take to the sky as they offer breathtaking views of the Caribbean ocean that glistens a thousand shades of blue in the sunlight.

The most celebrated skydiving company is actually based in Playa del Carmen just 40 minutes down the highway from Cancun, choosing them would mean you also get to explore a little bit of the Riviera Maya on your next trip too. Win, win!



Skydiving at Playa del Carmen

Skydiving at Playa del Carmen


4. Kitesurfing

If you are visiting the region between the months of November and June you may want to tick kitesurfing off your bucket list!

The main spot for kitesurfing in Cancun is Isla Blanca, which is one of the dreamiest most idyllic places you can visit in the Caribbean.

This 10-mile strip of protected land extends from Cancun with the ocean on one side and miles of waist-deep, butter flat water on the other.

The powdery white sands, consistent winds, and transparent water paint the perfect setting for a tropical day in paradise.

Are you ready for some fun?



Kitesurfing at Isla Blanca in Cancun

Kitesurfing at Isla Blanca in Cancun

Despite popular belief, kitesurfing doesn’t actually require lots of strength. 

Learning to kitesurf is much easier than you think.

Kitesurfers only use their hands for steering. Once you’ve figured out your technique it’s not exhausting at all.

Plus, it’s a fairly inexpensive activity.


5. Swim with Whale Sharks

Although they may sound scary these gentle giants are actually very docile, and extremely agreeable to swimming alongside humans.

Considered a part of the shark family whale sharks are in fact actually the largest type of fish in the ocean.

Whale sharks have a very large mouth with a filter feeder which means it feeds by straining suspended matter and food particles from the water.

Whale shark season happens between June and September when thousands of these incredible creatures migrate to the Yucatan Coast of Mexico.



Swim with whale sharks near Cancun

Swim with whale sharks near Cancun

So be sure to keep this in mind when planning your trip if you are keen to experience this once-in-a-lifetime snorkeling expedition.

I would recommend this activity for confident swimmers as you will be out in the depths of the ocean.

Once you’re in the water it’s a complete rush being so up close and personal with these fascinating creatures.

Be sure to take a waterproof camera with you, as you will want to capture this amazing moment to show your friends and family back home.


6. Walk Among Crocodiles

Get up close and personal (well not TOO personal) with some of the most deadly creatures on the planet.

If you are fascinated by wildlife and nature Croco Cun Zoo is an outdoor zoo where you can LITERALLY walk among the crocodiles. 

Visitors are, of course, accompanied by a professional guide at all times, but you will be able to get close enough to take a picture.



Walk among crocodiles Croco Cun Zoo

Walk among crocodiles Croco Cun Zoo

If you’re brave enough there is even the opportunity to hold a snake.

Since the destructive hurricane of 1988, this area and zoo function as a place of protection for endangered animals.

This includes wildlife like parrots, monkeys, peacocks, deer, and more.

It’s an educational and also thrilling day out for everyone!


7. Seabreacher by Jetpack Adventures

Jetpack Adventures are a watersports company here in Cancun that offer an array of exciting and adrenaline pumping activities.

One of my personal favorites is the Seabreacher. 

During this innovative tour, Jetpack Adventures have brought together nature and machine mechanics for an utterly mind-blowing experience!



Seabreacher in the Hotel Zone in Cancun

Seabreacher in the Hotel Zone in Cancun

These vessels are powered by a 260 hp-supercharged engine meaning lots of speed and even some epic air time!

They can reach up to a top speed of 80 kph on the surface and 40 kph below the surface. 

If you like being in the water, but you’re not particularly a good swimmer, or even if you just want unleash your inner speed demon there’s no better activity for you.

It’s fun seeing how much airtime you can catch as you jet at high speeds through and out of the water.

This super cool activity is available within the hotel zone of Cancun. 

Other activities that may interest adrenaline junkies include flyboarding, jetpacking, and wave runners.


8. Night Diving

What’s more thrilling than diving I hear you say?

Diving at night!

Many providers begin the dive at sunset and it doesn’t finish until twilight.

Diving at night is a completely different experience than from doing it in the day. 



Nightdive in Cancun

Nightdive in Cancun

When the masses of tourists leave the beach that is when the most vibrant and interesting marine life comes to life.

You can only see the underwater life in the Caribbean illuminated by your dive light so this amplifies all of your senses,  you will find that your concentration is just focused on a small tunnel of light making the experience that much more intense.

The colors of the beautiful ocean are much more vivid at night after absorbing energy from the sun all day.

In the daytime, many of the sea creatures tend to hide away, while the nighttime critters always want to come out and play.

You may see things such as octopus, lobster, and moray eels glide over their natural habitat during your Cancun night dive.

On a night dive, you will most likely visit an area called MUSA which is a security zone, the depth here is 40 feet. 


Which One Are You Most Eager to Do?

After reading that, do you feel pumped up and ready to experience new things?


There are many activities in Cancun and the surrounding areas to suit all types of adrenaline thrill seekers.

The only problem you will have is choosing which one to do on your next trip.

Our advice would be to create a list of your favorite and try to narrow it down from there.

Let us know in the comments section which one entices you the most, we would love to hear from you.

Have you done something crazy in Cancun before? Do you think we missed something off our list?

We want to know about it!

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