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The Ultimate Amusement Park in Cancun
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The Ultimate Amusement Park in Cancun

If visiting Cancun is in your future plans, Ventura Park is a must.
Whether you’re with your family, your significant other, or with your friends, Ventura Park has got you covered.

Not only is it located near some of the best beaches in the Caribbean, but it also is the only park that caters for 5 different types of attractions!

So what makes it such a special and diverse place?

Ventura is the only Amusement park in Cancun that combines water features, swimming with dolphins,  zip lines, virtual reality, go karts and rollercoasters, all in one place!

Check out more about each of these unique experiences. 

1. Wet n’ Wild


Wet'n Wild Amusement Park Cancun

Wet’n Wild Amusement Park Cancun

Are you brave enough to plunge down the Kamikaze? (the highest and fastest waterslide in the park).

Or maybe you want to enjoy a fun ride, with twists and turns on a two-person inflatable, such as the Twister. Have you ever wondered what it feels like to slide down a dark waterslide and land in an almost 10 ft deep pool? Then the double Space Bowl is for you!

If you’re more on the laid back side and feel like chilling with a refreshing drink, you’ll definitely enjoy the Lazy River and artificial wave pool. Your little ones will have a blast at the water kids park and Wet Bubble!  And last but not least you can’t miss the Bubba Tub with your loved ones!

2. Aaah!Ventura:

Test your boldness in a wild ride on the rollercoaster-zip line hybrid, Tarzania, at 787 ft tall! Or enjoy the amazing views on the Caribbean and River Ziplines that run across the whole park… Bungee Swing is for the thrill seekers, as it is a half free fall-half pendulum at 46 ft tall! Dare to walk across 6  adrenaline filled hanging bridges in SkyWalk, and the other 9 surrounded by nets in Netland? Or for the more skilled ones, climb your way to the top in Step Up!


Aaah!Ventura at Ventura Park

Aaah!Ventura at Ventura Park

3. FunWorld:

Get ready for some old school fun… Here, you can relive your childhood and share with your child the same activities you enjoyed earlier in life. Hop on the Hurricane roller coaster, the only of its kind in Cancun! Give your kids a classic experience as they ride a Carousel;  or experience a magical moment as you soar with the Crazy Chairs overlooking the ocean!


Crazy Chairs, Funworld at Ventura Park

Crazy Chairs, Funworld at Ventura Park

4. Grand Prix:

For anyone who’s ever dreamed of driving Formula 1 vehicles, this is the spot! Race your friends in a fun and safe 820 ft long path, in single and double vehicles that go up to 25 miles per hour!


Child friendly Go-Karts in Cancun, Ventura Park

Child-friendly Go-Karts in Cancun, Ventura Park

5. Underworld:

Explore this futuristic, tech-filled, fun-packed attraction!

Start off by sneaking through a puzzling laser maze… prove you have what it takes to be the best spy in town! Don’t forget to challenge yourself in an adventure or horror game at VR Evolution, or stop by a Star Wars pod in the immersive arcade game! And lastly, although bumper cars are fun, combining them with Laser Tag makes it an unforgettable experience at the Laser Tanks.


The Mission, Underworld Cancun at Ventura Park

The Mission, Underworld Cancun at Ventura Park

So… No matter what age you are, the amusement park in Cancun, Ventura Park, has something fun waiting for you.