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Family Fun: Aquatic and Amusement Park in Cancun.
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Family Fun: Aquatic and Amusement Park in Cancun.

If you’re looking for a fun-packed day with your family, you must come to Ventura Park! We are the only aquatic and amusement park in Cancun, and there is a ton of fun waiting for you and your family…

Water Rides

As we just mentioned, Ventura is the only aquatic and amusement park in Cancun. There are rides for every member of the family, ensuring a super fun day! Here are the water rides it features:


Water and amusement park in Cancun

Water and amusement park in Cancun

  • Twister: A fun twisting and turning water slide, hop in a 2-person inner tube and enjoy!
  • Lazy River: Float along with the calming current of the Lazy River, enjoy the view as you go around for 330 yards.
  • Kamikaze: An extra high, and extra steep drop. Face your fears and go down this thrilling waterslide! Adrenaline guaranteed.
  • Wave Pool: Get the best of both worlds! A HUGE pool with waves that resemble the ones in the ocean!
  • Bubba Tub: Jump in a 3 person inflatable and spin your way down this incredible slide as you overlook the park!
  • Kid’s Park: This feature is exclusively for the younglings, a fun-packed area so you don’t have to worry about your kids bumping into larger adults! And there’s ALWAYS  a lifeguard on duty, of course.
  • Double Space Bowl: Slide down our 50ft space bowl drop, and then land in a 10ft deep pool! Are you brave enough to ride this?!
  • Wet Bubble: Once again, this one goes to the kiddos. If your kids enjoy a challenge, the wet bubble will entertain them… They can climb to the top of the bubble and then slide back down!


Bubba Tub water slide

Bubba Tub water slide

Dry Rides


Zip line in Cancun

Zip line in Cancun

Ventura Park is divided into different sections such as Aaah!Ventura, Grand Prix, FunWorld and Underworld. Check what they’re all about!

  • Aaah! Ventura

These adrenaline packed rides are sure to amaze you! At Aaah! Ventura you can shout like Tarzan with the following heart-pounding challenges:

Tarzania: A zip-line that is ALSO a rollercoaster?!                                                      Zipline Madness: Two thrilling Ziplines that take you across the whole park at sensational speeds!                                                                                                                and other fun, chilling attractions!

  • Grand Prix

Race your family in our extra fun and extra safe Go Karts overlooking the ocean! A super exciting circuit awaits you…

  • Fun World

Traditional rides such as Cancun’s ONLY rollercoaster, Flying chairs and a carousel! There will never be a dull moment at Fun World…

  • Underworld

Underworld a super cool and futuristic room, filled with electronic rides and many cool features like and a Star Wars themed arcade! Virtual Reality had never been this fun, with our VR experience showcasing 2 different games in which you are in charge of the movements your character does!

  • Dolphinaris ( Dry and wet)

Experience dolphin interactions like never before with Dolphinaris at Ventura Park! A loving and respectful environment where you can learn about these awesome animals and create a forever-lasting bond!


Experience the magic at Dolphinaris Cancun

Experience the magic at Dolphinaris Cancun

No matter what it is you are looking for, Ventura Park is sure to satisfy your innermost desires and needs! Experience what a whole day of laughing and smiling feels like with Ventura Park, the only aquatic and amusement park in Cancun.