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11 Fun Places to Go to in Cancun’s Hotel Zone This December

Oh no! The polar vortex is coming!

If you live in any northern state in the US, you know what I’m talking about.

What the heck is a polar vortex?

Well, it’s a um…What was that meteorological jargon I heard on the news earlier today?

Oh, forget it. =) Here’s an infographic courtesy of Capital Weather Gang explaining everything.

What the heck is a polar vortex infographic

Ok. Too technical?

What does this all mean for you?

It means the North Pole is blowing all of its frigid air towards the US. Need proof?

Temperatures are “20 to 35 degrees below average for this time of year.”

Yikes! Brrrr that sounds cold!

You know want to know what the magical remedy is?

Coming to Cancun’s Hotel Zone this December!

That’s right. Head south. Towards the oh-so-warm equator. The best place for that is Cancun. Hands down.

First, let’s check the temperature today in Cancun. Yup. Just what I thought. 81 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperature in Cancun in December

Which, coincidentally (or not, I’m not a weatherman) is the temperature of the sea water.

Consider Cancun, the warm, plush throw blanket at the end of your couch. Cancun is here to keep you warm. And cozy.

Do you want to be like this person, this winter?

A very cold man in December

Or do you want to be like them, this winter?

Couple having fun in Cancun's Hotel Zone in December

I thought so. So this December, treat yourself and book a hotel in Cancun’s Hotel Zone.

You’ll see that…

There’s just so much to do in Cancun’s Hotel Zone this December. Because of the warm weather, everything is an option.

But what exactly?

I’m glad you asked. Let’s go through 11 Fun Places to Go to in Cancun’s Hotel Zone This December.

Ready? Let’s jump in.

1.      Wetn’ Wild                (Click here to visit webpage)

Waterslide Park:

Who doesn’t love waterslides? Remember, it’s going to be 81 degrees here. So why not cool off in the coolest way ever?

Fast Slides:

You need excitement. You need speed. If that describes you, you need to try the Kamekazi!

Slow Slides:

I get it. Some people don’t want adrenaline. They want serenity. If that’s you, try the Lazy River!

Wave Pool:

Imagine a beach and a pool had a baby. It would be this Wave Pool. You don’t enter the pool like you would normally. It has a beach like entrance.

The best part?

The waves obviously!

Water Playground for Kids:

Your kids have never had this much fun. What is it exactly? Super simple.

Picture a fun playground. You know? With slides, monkey bars, the whole deal. Now picture about a foot and half of water on the ground.

As you can see, this park is PERFECT for the whole family.

2.      Underworld               (Click here to visit webpage)

Oculus Rift Virtual Reality:

We’ve gone from Pong to Virtual Reality headsets in 42 years. If that doesn’t blow your mind…putting on an Oculus Rift surely will!

Laser Tag (Battle Tank style):

You like bumper cars, right? Now imagine adding laser tags to the process.

Yup. If you get shot, you’re going for a flip!

That’s laser tag…Cancun style!

Star Wars Battle Pod:

This is the next generation arcade game. It’s COMPLETELY immersive. You actually have to shut the door behind you.

The curved display makes it feel like the real thing!

3.      Fun World                  (Click here to visit webpage)

Roller Coaster:

This is the only roller-coaster in Cancun’s hotel zone. Take advantage!

Merry Go Round:

If you’ve got a youngster with you, this is perfect.

Crazy Swing Chairs:

Relive this classical carnival ride…sea-side!

4.      Helicopter Tour         (Click here to visit webpage)

The best way to see Cancun’s Hotel Zone? From the air. From way up there.

And the best way to do that? By helicopter.

You won’t believe how jaw-dropping the aerial view is. You can even view sea-turtles from all the way up there! Amazing huh?

5.      Isla Mall                      (Click here to visit webpage)

This beautiful, sea-side mall has everything.

Restaurants like Baby Lobster, Hooters, Chili’s, and Taco & Tequila.

Stores like Armani Jeans, Coach, Quick Silver, Sunglass Hut and many more.

There’s even a movie theater.

6.      CocoBongo                 (Click here to visit webpage)

This Coco Bongo experience is like no other. It’s like one part Mardi Gras, one part Rio’s Carnival, one part premier night club.

You have to live it, to understand it.

You’ll see a world-class show, and have your time to dance as well.

7.      Hotel Zone Full Day Tour     (Click here to visit webpage)

Visit all the hotspots in the hotel zone with the help of a local guide. You’ll visit different beaches, trendy stores, and even some Mayan ruins.

Nice, huh?

8.      Parasailing                 (Click here to visit webpage)

Time for a pop quiz.
Where’s the best place to see all of Cancun’s Hotel Zone? From up there, of course. WAY up there.

So, sure. You could go by helicopter.

But if you want a more immersive experience, try parasailing!

9.      AaahVentura              (Click here to visit webpage)


You can’t come to Cancun without going ziplining. You just can’t. It embodies the Cancun spirit.

Fun. Exhilarating. Entertaining.

Seriously, you have to try it!


Need a stronger dose of adrenaline? No problem. That’s AaahVentura’s specialty. Have the professional guide help you strap on the bungee cord.

Then, don’t think. Don’t contemplate. You’ll just give fear a chance of sneaking in.


10. Grand Prix                  (Click here to visit webpage)

Like proving who’s the best driver?

Try this 275-yard sea-side go-kart track.

You’ll zip. You’ll zoom. And if you’re the best, you’ll earn your bragging rights.

11. Dolphinaris                (Click here to visit webpage)

Are you ready to shorten your bucket list?

Well here’s your chance. Swim with dolphins in an amazing Cancun dolphinarium.

It’s more than just a fun Cancun activity. It’s a special moment you’ll recount for the rest of your life.

Wow. Doesn’t that sound like so much fun? So what’s the best way to ditch the Polar Vortex? Head south to Cancun’s Hotel Zone this December.

And what shall you do once you’re here this December?

Consult your checklist with 11 Fun Places to Go to in Cancun’s Hotel Zone This December!

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