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Ventura - little white bubble of venturapark in cancun

Sometimes more is better. That’s why we offer a variety of additional options. Need a place to store your personal items for the day? We got that. Oops, forgot your towel? We got you covered. Wanna race around in a go-kart? For only $5 USD, you’ll be zipping around our seaside track. How’s that for a bargain? Wanna try our virtual reality entertainment option at V Revolution? Again, that’s only $5 bucks. Enter into our amazing Beach Club, for just $15 bucks and enjoy a delicious cuisine and cocktails just yards away from the beach.

Additional options, for additional fun.


Attractions and activities with additional cost

Atracciones con costo Adicional
1.- Standard Locker$140.00 MXN
2.- Large Locker$185.00 MXN
3.- Jumbo Locker$245.00 MXN
4.- Towel$100.00 MXN
5.- Inflatable Inner Tube$100.00 MXN
6.- Go Karts (1 Race)$100.00 MXN
7.- Battle Pods (1 Game)$20.00 MXN
8.- Large Battle Pod (1 Game)$40.00 MXN
9.- The Mission (1 Game)$40.00 MXN
10.- Laser Tanks (1 Game)$100.00 MXN
11.- VR Evolution (1 Game)$100.00 MXN
12.- Amazonia (admission)$50.00 MXN
13.-  Add Open bar with alcoholic drinks$100.00 MXN
14.- The Bunker – Combo Alitas$60.00 MXN
15.- The Bunker – Combo Nachos$60.00 MXN
16.- The Bunker – Combo Wrap$60.00 MXN
17.- The Bunker – Combo Ensalada$60.00 MXN
18.- Buon Appetito – Pizza sencilla$50.00 MXN
19.- Buon Appetito – Pizza mediana$80.00 MXN
Venturapark - little bubble of venturapark in cancun